Street Judges Review

What judge minatures are you looking forward too most?

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Dredd Times

Hi folks,
I have just uploaded my review of Bob Naismiths excellent new street judges to my site Dredd Times. You can find the review at the url below.

Thanks for the review.

This was a hard poll to respond to since most of them are high on my wanted list. For me, I had to choose Med-Squad judges. Since I don't recall these having been done before, and I'm sure most peoples JD rpg campaigns have a budding healer amongst the group.

A very close second would be the judges on Lawmasters. The old GW ones sell for quite a bit on eBay so I haven't managed to get any yet.

I voted for 'other' here - although the game is 'Gangs of MEGA-CITY ONE' I really liked some of the imagery of judges from other cities (especially East-Meg, Brit-Cit and Hondo). I'm sure the fluff can be worked out to allow visiting judges on cultural exchanges or observational tours...
I chose not to vote as having no Judge Dredd figs to start with it's pretty much a pointless excersice to choose one over the other.

Nice review however. Thanks DT.
DyN said:
I voted for 'other' here - although the game is 'Gangs of MEGA-CITY ONE' I really liked some of the imagery of judges from other cities (especially East-Meg, Brit-Cit and Hondo). I'm sure the fluff can be worked out to allow visiting judges on cultural exchanges or observational tours...

I know excatly what you are saying DyN and completely agree. I would love to see Oz, Brit-Cit and Sov judges, as well as those from other mega-cities such as Luna-1 or if the heavens granted it Sea Watch judges from Atlantis (hey a guy can dream cant he).

I am sure that the range will be a success but what the future holds is only known by a select few mongooses and its up to the guys in charge to call the shots of course.

I think it would be best, to release the "gangs" that Marc suggested in the poll first, along with the various perp gangs that have been discussed on this forum previosly.

I would love to have judges from around the world... and still want to see someone create a full color poster of them.

I think there are two ways to look at it.

1) If they produced Luxor City and Oz judges, for example, the figures would sell by the bucket load because they have not been done before. Pro: Everyone would want to buy them so the profit would be good.
Con: Gangs of Mega-City One may have trouble succeeding.

2) If they produced the staple range of judges and perps, they will still sell in large quantities, and will be ideal for the game Gangs of Mega-City One. I think this would help establish the game faster, and then the global judges range could be released later.

Of course, this is just my opinion. If they released all of the above tomorrow I'd probably pull out my credit card and stock up on the lot.

The question Mongoose may have to consider is who they want to target the product at - and what the product actually is. I agree that if they were to release a wide range of 'non-gangs' then this may overshadow the GoMC1 game itself, however as a commercial venture it may be worth them doing so as either a secondary source of income or in order to support the game. They may see, certainly in the early days, that people buy the rules/boxed set but use figures from other Sci-Fi manufaturers to play the games - a situation where the game may actually be popular but those necessary further sales are low - the introduction of highly popular 'non-gang' figures may actually encourage some to purchase the gang figures!

The appeal of GoMC1 has the potential to range from gamers, miniature collectors/painters, Dredd fans and all combinations - because of this there will be a wide range of potential reasons why (and what) people purchase. It may very well be sensible to mix releases between 'gangs' and 'non-gangs' for that reason. On a personal note, that is exactly how I would like to buy them - a pack of blitzers to support my gang and a set of Sovs for the collection....
Good point you raise there and I agree... some blitzers and some Sovs would be perfect.

Fingers crossed, the game and intial packs of miniatures will be released soon.

Having playtested the rules since very early on (1st draft) and written some stuff that may or may not be used in the game I would say that Gangs will most likely lean towards the inclusion of gangers rather than judges or charcters. The game draws very heavily on building up your gangs and carving up a section of turf and I would love to see a lot of all new gang related figures, as well as other models representing specialist judges and of course judges from around the world.

Of course due to the nature of the system we are unlikely to see the Dark Judges or Angel Gang crop up and Sov judges would be something of a real rarity.

If the game is a success and I strongly feel that it may just well be a sleeper hit, the maybe a sequel system that covers the Apocalypse War could be in order.

My current wish list is as follows:

1. Skysurfers. You know the score by know if you know me and my skysurfing/chopper fetish.

2. Fatties. Armed with various weapons.

3. Muties. Ideal for those sectors such as 190 that border the Cursed Earth.

4. Med Judges. My favourite specialists in the game.

5. Manta Prowl Tank/H-Wagon. Come on Matthew you know it makes sense :D

I still think there is a lot of mileage for Sov Block incursions into Mega-City One. While there hasn't been much mention of judges in the game, the figures would sell regardless.

I would love to see the normal cyberpunk style gangs, mohicans, leather jackets, bikers, etc. but I would also like to see some new themed ones like:

Brits - Men wearing hankies on their heads, or Union Jack t-shirts.

City Boys - Some posh but modern gangs like men in bowler hats and pin stripe suits.

Carry on Crew - Figures of Sid-James, Babs, etc.

Other foreign gangs like some Hondo City people, or Oz.

Skysurfers would be cool, but from what has been mentioned here, it sounds more like a skysurfer would be available to any gang, and a whole gang of surfers would be rare. Of course, it would be very cool to have the figures regardless.

Fatties are great, we definitely need more of those. I would imagine you need varying height terrain to make the most of them with belly flop attacks and such.

Muties would be cool. I use Mageknight figures of zombies and things like that right now, but some well designed mutants would be great.

Med-Judges are very cool, and I would also love to get those as minis. My favourite look for them is the normal body suit and style armour, but the helmet, gloves, boots and shoulder pads are white. The shoulder pads are both the square kind and have a large green + on each one.

Manta Prowl tanks and H-Wagons would be amazing. I have not found a consistent image of a H-Wagon though, as it changes more than early Dredd's uniform used to do. I think I prefer the stocky look from the PC game Dredd vs. Death to be honest.