Story Seed


I'd been doing some thinking of late on some Paranoia missions, well not so much the missions themselves but the odd stuff from the setting that could be implemented, or at least more of a focus than the typical "screw the troubleshooter' assignment.

The one idea I've been toying with of late is Clones, not so much the clones of the troubleshooters, but the clones of the people they run into. For example - on a particular mission they are briefed by Briefing Officer-Y-FKD-1. During the mission he ends up getting killed in some way by the actions of the characters. Introduce #2, who also meets a dire fate as they pursue their mission. This continues unitl the mission climax when they find out that the Briefing officer is in fact a traitor and kill him and thus, BOOM! Briefing Officer-Y-FKD-5 is killed for being a traitor. Mission Complete.

They report to the debriefing room and encounter... Briefing Officer-Y-FKD-6, and he is not at all happy to see them.
A commendation-worthy notion, synncere. Andy Fitzpatrick did something a bit similar in "Random Access Mission," in Crash Priority. There a PLC supply clerk died repeatedly offstage during the mission, and when the PCs had to keep going back for more supplies (it was a running gag), his next clone displayed some irritating new habit. But making his deaths directly the result of the players' own actions -- that we haven't done. Yet.