Starting Feat at 1st level. already calculated in the Class?


I just got my book and was working on characters. I didn't notice the table from the PHB that shows where you get a Feat every 3 levels and attribute increase every 3 levels.

Can someone quote a page number if it's in this edition?



Assuming you're talking 2E Babylon 5, then ignore the PHB. "nd Edition is OGL, no PHB is needed, just go with what's in the rules. Whether such an equivalent table exists, I do not know, just look at the class descriptions.

If you mean 1st edition, I dunno.

Well, I am talking about 2nd edition. I didn't find the table that I was thinking of, however I did find that is says each character starts with 1 feat of their choosing, which allows a character to take Telepathy, which allows them to be a Telepath at 1st level. This must be their first feat.

Haven't seen anything about gaining an ability point anywhere. Or the Experience point progression.

Oh well, time to get my nose back in the book..

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some of the things you're looking for are tucked away in the game master section.
XP and advancement, p253

The GM section has lots of nice things that could have been other places.

You should start with one feat for first level, you may have some racial feats (various language feats, humans get 1 extra "any" feat, etc...) and then some class feats (which may be simply a choice of a limited selection of feats "like choose one of A, B, or C" or something special, like an Agent's 'Multi-Skilled')

hope this helps.

Thanks, I found it last night when I was going through the gm section. ;)

At least now others won't have to search. ;)

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