SST - moving through impassable terrain


Let’s say a Unit of Warrior Bugs moves through level 1 impassable terrain. My understanding of the rules is that I have to roll a die for every single model before it moves. What happens if the last roll is low and the model is not able to move into command range?
The most practical solution seems to leave the model out of command range, but this would contradict the movement rules.
Under the circumstances you state I would say move the model with the shortest move distance the amount it can move, then move the unit leader within its command distance of that model, then make certain that all models within the unit end up within Command Range of the leader.

It would seem, by the rules, to restrict the units movement across Impassable Terrain to the movement rate of its slowest unit member. Just another good reason to avoid impassable terrain, if at all possible.

Just my opinion based on the movement rules and general fairness.

Hope that helps you. Just remember that is just my opinion. :D :D :D