Sprite convertions painted (about time 2)

Mr Evil

well my sprites did an ace job in tourney...

they lost as much as they won games for me.. mostly due to their points value and Vps though lol..

that said im now starting construction on 5 more hurrah.

picked up 3 more tomahawks today :) sheer luck


Since Evil isn't mentioning it, I will. There was a prize for the best painted army at the tourney yesterday. I can't remember who won it, but Pauly_D's bugs got an honourable mention.

What has this to do with Mr Evil? Well as Pauly fessed up to, they were painted by Evil and loaned to Pauly for the tourney. So Evil did well.

In other news Pauly won 2nd place andf I didn't lose through virtue of not being in the tourney :lol:

The Bristol MI Squad represented itself well in battle.


Mr Evil

i played quit suicidaly can i add... throwing myself at enemy in heroic actions... my NCO on sprite dodged numerouse bug and mi attacks... but fell in most games eventualy :(

Dredd Times

MongooseStratos said:
That's fantastic! I need some of those Hotwheels... Dodge Tomakawks? Never heard of them but I'll keep my eyes peeled!

Thanks, Stratos

Good luck in the search for them. I have been scouring toystores and supermarkets for months since Mr Evil first posted the pictures and still now joy :(


Mr Evil

its alot about luck

couldnt find any for weks then last week i found 3 in one day.

another great alternative is the Batman one, again made by hotweels, its exactly the same practicly but has missiles on the side, they cost £1.99 each but its very easy to pick up a load of them in one shot, im getting one for my LT to ride.

hope that helps.


Did you get to see the ones from mongoose at the tourney? If so, how do your conversions compare? I think the converted ones look great and add alot of flavor to the army personally.



Bullshot said:
On your converted Sprites, how did you work out the legs??


13 months and no answer? Come on Evil! :)

Anyhow, this thread is worthy of a bump to the front page again. I did find a Tomahawk and hope to start a similar conversion today.

Mr Evil

wow a balst from the past

the legs were done by simply cliping either side of the groan and behind the knees then bending to desired position and glueing.

there possably ging up on ebay soon if anybody is interested.