Splitting AD between stealth ships - ACTA


Okay, if you're splitting the AD of a weapon between stealth ships, do you roll seperately to overcome the stealth of each ship for the AD you've allocated to each, or do you roll once overall to overcome the highest (or lowest) stealth?

An example; you've got 2 squads of Nials, and one of flyers coming towards you and they enter the range of your theoretical 6 AD minibeam weapon (but they're not engaging you yet). You assign 2 AD to each, but do you roll separately for each flight to beat stealth?
Seperately, you would make a seperate roll for each flight of Nials and the Flyer.

All weapons fire must be declared before rolling any stealth rolls for the attacking ship, so assign your dice carefully.

This is also a very good tactic for overcoming (or rather, overwhelming) stealth once you get into a knife fight. . .
Only really works with multiple arcs.

There is no statistical gain from splitting fire against stealth.
There is only a chance based gain of: "were gonna hit something." balanced by also gaining: "Were gonna miss something." chances of both increase.
Across the long run, you are right. However, you increase your chances of getting at least something, while reducing your chances of getting absolutely nothing - in short games of CTA, this can be valuable.
Yeah, splitting fire doesn't increase the average damage, but it does decrease the standard deviation. Which is what most people whinge about when facing stealth, the "all or nothing" effect. ;)