Spinward Extents Sred * Ni Trade Goods

So, okay, to catch you up.

The book Spinward Extents mentions the Sred*Ni, an alien species which use biotech.

Sred*Ni Biosphere: ... greenish mosslike tubular organisms maximised for production of oxygen and complex carbohydrates. Every ton dedicated to an I’Sred*Ni biosphere will eliminate the life support costs of two passengers. The pleasant sounds of running water and lavender smell of the biosphere region will provide DM+1 to any checks for crew fatigue on long voyages.

Sred*Ni BioStill: ... a survival ration producing organism the size, shape and general texture of a coconut shell. When activated, a BioStill will deploy a palm-like set of broad black leaves surrounding a small beak-like ‘mouth’. Exposed to light and fed water and any carbon-based material – from alien plant matter to polyester – the BioStill can provide clean water and nutritious rations for up to two people per day ... Six hours of sun or artificial light per 24 will provide enough power for the BioStill. It will not produce alcoholic beverages.

Sred*Ni BioSuit: ... a shiny black bodysuit designed to protect the wearer from extremes of temperature and humidity, and provide nutrition through the recycling of bodily wastes and/or external water and organic matter. In addition to acting as a BioStill for the wearer, the BioSuit includes a filter and compressor breathing mask and will protect from temperatures from -60° to +60° Celsius and humidity from near 0% to 100%.

These are biotech variants on the standard High Guard biosphere with an added bonus to crew fatigue checks, and the Survival Still from CSC. What I would love to know is (a) could you get away with wearing one of those BioSuits all the time; (b) would people start to think you're into bondage gear; (c) when not in use, do you have to keep the BioSuit fed and watered, like putting candies and protein bars into its digestion pockets to eat while it's hanging up, and leave it outside the closet to soak up light?



I've submitted a request to the Consortium on Web Edge for a Care and Feeding of Your Suit instruction guide; I'm told it will be passed to the Sred*Ni ambassador when it is politically expedient to do so, which will be sometime between now and Holiday three year's time. When and if the Sred*Ni reply, and we have worked out what they're actually saying, I'll let you know. I also asked the starport authority on Lod whether wearing the suit counts as introducing unauthorised flora or fauna to the planet, and they looked at me funny and seemed not to believe me when I told them it was alive and fed me my own toilet contents.
Honestly, the first thing my character always gets when she turns up at Customs is "When do the rest of the Power Rangers get here?"

Ahrain in her biotech skin suit.jpg

They're always directing her to these weird little dives ...

I can tell you that whoever came up with these creations for Spinward Extents must have been having almost as much fun with the concepts as I am ...
Most Well-regarded Legitimate Purchaser of Goods for Export,

Circulatory-organ perceived apologetics for previous unofficial communication. The responsible technical communications collective voted to circumvent established external communications protocols to ensure promptness of response. Corrective reconstitution has entered first phase.

We must apologies for the unanticipated consumption of technical documentation by our export unit. Storage temporal considerations failed to account for distribution delays inherent in between-star transportation.

Regret that surplus documentation is unattainable separate of purchased good recombination. Insert please comprehend the shortened directive:

First: To initiate passive mode, locate green nub starboard of optional unisex catheterization attachment.

Second: To activate press and hold for 3.8 seconds or until nub becomes not green.

Third: Retreat 27 or greater centimetres. Unit will promptly transform into one (1) compositing toilet compliant with Corellan Transport Regulation 147.a.c. revision 3.

Fourth: Ensure proper ventilation in volume to exceed 7.386 cubic metres.

Fifth: To reconvert, position self upright with facial appendages distant from unit.

Sixth: Depress port petal with port foot in rapid succession trice within 2.6 seconds.

Seventh: Remain motionless while unit reinitiates active mode. Unisex catheterization attachment may induce discomfort. This is temporally limited.

As recognised and authorised external communications facilitators, we wish this instruction meets your needs.

With highest regards,

Fourteenth Reconstituted Communications Collective for Transmission to Limb-deficients-beyond-the-stars.
I also asked the starport authority on Lod whether wearing the suit counts as introducing unauthorised flora or fauna to the planet, and they looked at me funny and seemed not to believe me when I told them it was alive and fed me my own toilet contents.

Gotta be careful who you joke around with about that kind of thing though. On Kline Station (from the novel Ethan of Athos) you'd have more civil rights protections running afoul of the police than you would of the Quarantine Authority. And not entirely without cause.