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EA vs Centauri :Fun or Wining

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As many missle ships as you can bring. I have also found that EA fighters are very good agaist the Centauri as they have very few anti-fighter weapons.
Maybe having lots of fighters escorting lots breaching pods might work. Have them coming out JP's behind the Cent line. No rear weapon on sulusts and primus have limited rear firepower. Double VP for boarded craft. It will make the him panic for a bit anyway. Might work once and next time it will force him to bring more fighters and less beam ships next time.
yep and next time bring an all missle fleet. I just played 2 5pt war games with EA vs Centauri and I did this first time massive amount of fighter(2 posideons). Second game many missles. My opponent is still scratching his fan head.
FWIW, we had the discussion on Breaching Pods right out of jump points, and I think the conclusion was that right out of the gate they aren't banned .... but should be, and may be rulefixed real soon. I'm hesitant to go for the Camembert and Limburger right away.
Breaching pods can't board the turn they arrive out of JP's can they?
That would pretty chessey if they could.
It's not an "attack", so you betcha, as the rules are currently written, you can. You can't turn, mind you, and have (Wulf corrected me on a different thread earlier) speed restrictions, but you can still do it. Don't even need an AJP ship.l

(Going all Wallace and Grommit on you) Wensleydale!
Just as likely to get you slapped as a fleet of just Saggitarius.