Ships of the...Centauri Republic


Ships of the Centauri Republic (with input from Da Boss)

I hardly need to remind ACTA fans how popular the Centauri fleet is among players. Centauri shipwrights have been building ships for centuries, and their experience shows with a vast array of classes and variants. It is this choice, the flexibility of the Centauri navy that appeals to most. They have a ship for every occasion...sometimes two!

Most ships in the Centauri navy are high quality examples of their type, though there are a few that truly stand out in their class.

There are a few common themes amongst Centauri ships that help distinguish them from those of their opponents.

Speed is Life!
Cenaturi ships are, on average, faster than opposing ships of the same size. An extreme example of this is the Vorchan but even the Primus moves at a brisk 8" speed. This is fortunate as the Centauri ships excel once they have closed range with the enemy. Centauri ships are also often more nimble than their opponents, turning on a ducat when needed.

While the humans and Narn have opted for raw power in their laser systems, the Centauri have decided to go the more subtle route. Their beam weapons are precise, thereby causing more critical hits to the enemy. This is a particularly wise choice when fighting Narn. What use is a massive ship with no weapons, engines, or crew?

Double Down!
Centauri weapons technology is centuries ahead of most of the young races. As a result their weapons are usually loaded with traits. The most common is Double Damage, which can be found on ubiquitous Matter Cannon and Ion Cannon, as well as a few others. Centauri weapons strike hard.

Hold that Tiger!
Centauri ships are fast, their beams rack up criticals, and their guns do massive damage. So what's the catch? The catch is that the Centauri (with a few notable exceptions) need to get in close. Their weapons tend to be in the 12"-18" range, even for their largest ships. They can't stand off at 30" like the Minbari or Narn and rain fire upon their enemies. They have to get in close and knife fight with the enemy. The good news is that this usually means weapons on many different arcs will find targets. The bad news is that you may take unanswered damage on the turn you are closing with the enemy.

Eyes Forward!
Most Centauri ships have their firepower concentrated forward, to the extent that many ships have no guns facing anywhere else. This encourages aggressive flying as you charge at the enemy, but it also means you will need to maneuver carefully once you have closed with the enemy. Fortunately your ships are generally very good at this.

Following is a list of all Centauri ships and some of my thoughts on their qualities and use.

Auxiliary Craft:
Breaching Pod
An average pod of the "agile" variety. Difficult to use and seldom deployed outside of special missions.

This fighter has one purpose, space superiority. It is an interceptor that is only matched in dogfighting by the most elite enemy units. They have a very low hull so are more vulnerable to fire than other fighters. Keep them in dogfights whenever possible as this is where they are most safe. The weak gun means they can not be used to intercept incoming fire either but a mix of Sentris and Raziks means excellent flexibility

This advanced fighter is the first true ship assault fighter produced by the Centauri as it is capable of engaging ships outside of Anti-Fighter range. It is also a good dogfighter, has strong enough hull to risk getting close to enemies, and a stealth system to boot. What's not to like? The bill. These fighters are twice as expensive as their older counterparts. Use these if you have the points and they would be appropriate for the mission – even better get them with you Liati or Dargan – or upgrade an Amar.

This is the middle-of-the-road choice for Centauri fighters. They have a decent dogfight compared to most races, but their weapons are all close range and their hull is a bit low to risk enemy anti-fighter without heavy losses. If you need a fighter for extra interceptor duty, this is the ship. In most cases you should leave interceptor lending to the Maximus and purchase Raziks to clear the sky of enemy fighters.

Patrol Ships:
The Centauri have two ships in this class that both serve their roles admirably. Though not as strong as the skirmish or raid selections in the fleet, the patrol ships are still worth exploring.

The best things about this ship are its cost (2 for 1 patrol point) and its speed of 14". They make good init sinks in battles of patrol or skirmish level as they can be split up. In larger battles they are easily killed by massed enemy fire so keep your fighters out of explosion radius. Better yet, get a Kutai instead.

This is one of the best patrol level ships in the game. It doesn't have a lot of damage or crew, but the Dodge rating can help make up for this. The synergy of Dodge and a CBD special order can make these ships surprisingly difficult to kill. Their firepower is also excellent, matching that of many Skirmish level ships with 8 AD of Double Damage up close. A squadron of these little ships represents a threat that even a large enemy ship can't ignore.

Skirmish Ships:
Here is where superior Centauri technology and design philosophy begin to make themselves felt. Many ships in this class are best-of-breed, outperforming those of even the most advanced enemy fleets.

An average light carrier. Its failing is the fragile hull. It has the same firepower as a Maximus (which is considerable) and can carry half the fighters of the heavy carrier. Just don't expect it to survive long. I have used this a few times, spending a patrol point to upgrade the fighters to Rutarians in a small battle. In the end I felt that simply buying a squadron of fighters and a Kutai was a better use of resources. Althouhg its hull is weak – it has good number of damage points and against enemies like the Minbar or Volrons, it is pretty durable.

A decent scout, though I feel the Centauri could have done better. Speed, stealth, and agility allow it to stay away from danger in most cases. The small beam can be used in a pinch but if you are having to fight with this ship you are either in dire straights or cleaning up a shattered enemy.

Like the Amar, which is a variant of this ship, the Darkner is cursed with a weak hull. It carries good weaponry for a skirmish ship but is easy to kill and therefore an early priority for targeting by the enemy. E-mines eat these ships for lunch.

A Variant of the Vorchan, the Demos has all the strengths of the basic hull with a few added tweaks. The torpedo is an excellent weapon for scoring criticals at range. The ion cannons pack a good punch, too. This ship has the movement and agility to get to optimal firing position rapidly. The addition of Interceptors is a nice touch that should have been retrofitted on the Vorchan. Take this ship in numbers, squadron them up with each other and Vorchans, and watch the enemy fleet split its focus to deal with the threat.

This little guy is the most important ship in your fleet. No, really. I think it has been the key to more Centauri victories in my neck of the woods than any other single hull. The guardian array allows this ship to lend interceptors as well as anti-fighter to other ships and even to fighter flights. This means all units in your fleet can have active defenses whenever the pressure is on them. The Maximus' hull is of highest quality (hull 6), and its agility allows it to get where it needs to be. This ship should always be using either CBD to increase its toughness or Intensify Defensive Firepower to double its value to surrounding ships. Never leave home without your Maximus!

A strange ship, I've never found a place for the Morgrath in my fleets. It carries the only DD beam in the fleet, but it is short range and few dice. The hull is average strength and the speed is not too inspiring for a short-range ship. Its best feature is that it looks cool. But there are too many other, better choices for a skirmish ship.

An iconic ship for the Centauri fleet and one of the best skirmish ships around. It is very fast, agile, and carries a large number of attack dice for its size. The only failing is that it has no active defenses and is even too fast for fighters to escort. Compensate for this by flying where fewer enemy guns are pointing. A squadron of 3 of these can fly around the side or rear of the enemy and deliver a devastating blow even the largest enemy vessel will feel.

Raid Ships:
The tradition of excellence continues in this class of ship, with several of the more specialised hulls in the Centauri inventory. This is where you will see the most difference between various Centauri task forces, as each should take the proper raid level ship for the mission at hand.

Altarian Destroyer
An extremely tough hull married to a good array of weaponry. This is a straight forward attack craft can withstand heavy punishment as it closes to deliver firepower in all directions (though the forward arc is still the primary). The best thing about the Altarian is the excellent variants built on its hull so the original version is seldom seen.

Balvarin Carrier
This is a standard fleet carrier, much like the Avenger or Garasoch. It has better firepower than both of its contemporaries and it is a tough ship. Even better, it carries Centauri fighters. A Balvarin filled with raziks will usually be all you need to clear the sky of enemy fighters. This allows you to concentrate on your real strengths and blast the enemy unmolested. This ship is slow and Lumbering. Know where you want it to be several turns ahead of time or it might end up in hot water. In a pinch it also has excellent forward firepower. It also gives a extremely useful bonus to Command.

Centurion Attack Cruiser
This ship would be a top choice in many other navies, but it doesn't quite meet the high standard set by other Centauri ships. It is essentially a bigger, slower Vorchan. It carries good firepower outside of the fore arc, which can be handy in a pinch. But it is seldom seen due to the other excellent ships in this class.

Elutarian Bombardment Destroyer
Again, the Centauri have found a best-of-breed with the Elutarian. For long range bombardment you will find few better ships excepting perhaps the Dag'Kar. The bonus is that this ship is built on the rugged Altarian hull and it retains the all-around ion cannon firepower of its parent. So once the enemy has closed it can still fight and survive the heat. This ship is great in squadrons with others of its kind or with Sulusts.

Magnus Destroyer
The final Altarian variant, this one trades in the torpedo for a laser. The trade is a poor one, I believe, despite the increase in speed. For beam damage, there is a better ship in the Sulust. For toughness and fighting, the Altarian and Elutarian pack a more reliable punch.

Sulust Escort Destroyer
When you want to engage the toughest hulls at range this is your ship. The Sulust sports the only battle laser in the fleet that can fire at long range. Two of these ships have more laser firepower (and at significantly longer range) than a Primus. They have good endurance as well with decent hull, good damage, interceptors, and anti-fighter. Since it has two weapons, it can also fire the laser while on CBD. These ships do enough damage to require the enemy to focus on them while being tough enough to either survive or drain a large portion of the enemy firepower. Either way they serve the fleet well.

Battle Ships:
The last of the "sweet spot" classes for the Centauri. There are some excellent ships (and variants) here that serve a variety of roles. Nearly all have a use and have seen the tabletop in our area, depending on the mission at hand.

Dargan Strike Cruiser
This ship has good forward firepower and the speed to deliver it. Its survivability is further enhanced by stealth. It even carries stealth fighters. The drawback is that it has an average hull rating and damage points. Keep it on the fringes and bring it in at a critical moment to deliver a crippling blow.

Liati Advanced Cruiser
Just as it says on the brochure this ship is excellent at fighting White Stars, which also makes it good at fighting other ships with a high Dodge rating. It's one of a very few hulls that carry Accurate weapons, ignoring the dodge of enemy targets. It also can turn on a dime, doing a 180 degrees in less than 4". This means you can place its firepower just about anywhere you want. It also has an excellent Dodge trait, which it will need since it has very few damage points. Great against the ISA and the Drazi. Keep it at home against e-mines as they will tear it apart.

Primus Battlecruiser
The ship we fell in love with on the show, the Primus is a solid core for a fleet. It doesn't have the overwhelming forward firepower of many other ships in its class. But it is tough and it has great coverage and range to the sides and rear. Get this ship in the middle of several enemy ships to wreak maximum damage and, just as important, to draw fire away from your more mobile elements. It is designed to draw enemy attention away from your Vorchans, Kutai, and others that are closing in from the flanks. With a Maximus lending support the Primus can survive a suprising amount of fire.

Primus-MD Battlecruiser
This ship removes 5 AD of ion cannon and puts on 7 AD of mass driver. This is an excellent trade when attacking space stations.

Secundus Battlecruiser
This Primus variant is surprisingly effective against enemies without interceptors. The laser is traded for an excellent heavy ion cannon array that has a pile of traits (AP/DD/TL). In addition, this ship carries enough troops to capture many enemy vessels or planets. I take this ship often against Narn, Minbari, and other races that have few active defense systems. The only drawback is the reduction in range on a lumbering platform – especially against races like the Minbari

The best Centauri ship for taking enemy planets. Also great against stations with no interceptors.

War Ship:
The Centauri really only have one hull in this class, with a minor variant.

A tough ship with solid all-round firepower. But it is merely average for a ship of its class. Two Primus have more firepower (particularly combat lasers) and more damage between them than a single Octurian. The best thing this ship has to offer is the command bonus, which can be essential against advanced enemies like the Shadows or Minbari. Take it when you need this bonus or when you are playing victory-point math.

Like the mass driver variants above, this ship is better at attacking space stations than the base hull. But it is also inferior to two Primus-MD.

Armaggedon Ship:
Big-ass ship.

This is the Centauri entry in the "who has the biggest ship ever" contest. It compares well against the other ships in this same class. It has an amazing primary weapon, equivalent to the laser on a Sharlin, and massive weapons coverage in all arcs from its secondary batteries. It’s a good ship – if it can get into the middle of a fleet its devastating but otherwise it has to rely on its beam which is as good as a Sharlin – but the enemy will have 2 Sharlins to fight an Adira. The GEG is nice and Rutarian squadrons are always welcome but often you spend more time of CBD as you try to lumber into range.
Havens cannot be split up to be init sinks anymore (since P&P) they have to be squadroned with another ship, whether its the oher haven or something else is upto you. this is the same with all 2fers.

on the adira, if you can put it in hyperspace do so, its jump point is enough to scare most captains and it allows you to get this ship where it needs to be without being shot at 1st.
katadder said:
Havens cannot be split up to be init sinks anymore (since P&P) they have to be squadroned with another ship, whether its the oher haven or something else is upto you. this is the same with all 2fers..

You can in patrol or skirmish level scenarios - P+P p13, but not in scenarios Raid Level or above
Nice summary and descriptions.

Perhaps I'm one of those captains who wants to prove the worth of the Morgrath, but I think there are at least two good reasons to use them in a fleet, pending scenario of course. First, they have an interceptor so the Maximus won't have to be spread as thin. Second, having diversity in a fleet causes the enemy to have to make qualitative decisions regarding target selection. If the Morgrath is attacked it keeps the more powerful ships alive longer. If not, the Morgrath can still do some decent damage, especially if going against a foe with interceptors.

Always a pleasure to read your reports.
I've tried lots to make the Morgath work. Between beam & interceptor rolls it should be awesome but just not in my hands. Now i just take hordes of Vorchans & except the losses as you seem to dish out way more. If your opponents has interceptors instead of beams just take more firepower. Centurions & Vorchans work so well together. If the Secundas had fighters i'd just take those 3 ships.
Glad to see someone taking the Centurion. It is a nice looking ship, even if it is a Romulan in disguise. ;)

I agree with you about the interceptors. Now that I've played the Dilgar quite a bit I also subscribe to the "just take more firepower" philosophy.

Still, just to be sporting I promise to take a Morgrath out next time I play the Centauri. Maybe I'll discover something new.
Another splendid review, Demo.. ^^d
Kind of a painful reminder that they nerfed down the Octurion in 2nd ed, tho.. She was such a splendid looking ship. :cry:
With 6 AD of 35" DD Beam and 2 Interceptors in 1st ed, a true War level choice.

Oh well, I guess G'quans suffered worse.. :lol:
Democratus said:
Glad to see someone taking the Centurion. It is a nice looking ship, even if it is a Romulan in disguise. ;).

And the Morgrath is a Ferengi Marauder. Thieving Centauri bar stewards.
I don't actually like the Centurion model, kinda wish it just a bigger version of a Vorchan, maybe with slightly different nose. Morgath is also too flat for my liking. Centauri ships are about the flashy wings. The Haven is just plain ugly which is the reason i got the Big Rutarian fighters as my proxies.
I haven't had much experience of the Centauri, and most of it is from playing against them. :D We occasionally play ACTA at our club; if someone takes Centauri, I take Narn, and vice versa. The Centurion is often picked whoever is playing; once the fleets have closed, the ability to shoot sideways is very useful. Just don't waste it by putting it on CBD, otherwise it really is little more than an oversized, slower Vorchan.

I ran the Vorchan, Demos and Morgrath through Burger's ACTA Attack Simulator, using a Hyperion as a target. The Vorchan scored the highest damage, and that's against a target with interceptors. The Morgrath was very slightly ahead of the Demos, but the Demos scored more critical effects, as you'd expect. Where the Morgrath does better is against targets with hull 6, which its beam ignores. Run the same tests with an Omega as a target and the Morgrath does significantly more damage than the others, and about the same number of critical effects as the Demos.

It can certainly be useful to have ships with their own interceptors rather than relying on a Maximus. One well placed beam shot can ruin the Maximus and leave the rest of the fleet unprotected. don't take 3 Maximus in every fleet? Heretic! :)

Thanks for the breakdown. It's good to know that even overlooked ships can have their "sweet spot". Sounds like the Morgrath is good for plinking ships like the Omega and G'Quan while the Vorchan/Demos excell at taking out ships with more standard hulls.
Does the Attack simulator include range - the Demos having range 20" torps makes it a great ship for firing them on CBD and then closing while firing the Ion Cannons on CBD and reloading.

Isn't the Morgrath quite short range for its beam which can be a factor esp against say an Omega when to use it you need to be in range of its secondaries?
The attack simulator just shows the damage from weapons. It is up to the user to ensure the weapons are in range :wink:
Da Boss said:
Does the Attack simulator include range - the Demos having range 20" torps makes it a great ship for firing them on CBD and then closing while firing the Ion Cannons on CBD and reloading.
True - there are plenty more tactics besides closing in with all guns blazing. You are welcome to spend an entire afternoon evaluating them on the simulator if you like. ;)

Isn't the Morgrath quite short range for its beam which can be a factor esp against say an Omega when to use it you need to be in range of its secondaries?
True, but then the Morgrath is Skirmish level and the Omega is Battle level, so the Morgrath won't be the only thing the Omega has to worry about. Besides, the Omega was the first target I thought of with hull 6 and interceptors. The Morgrath is also a good ship to use against a Gaim Shuuka, which has hull 6, interceptors and is Skirmish level, and pretty well anything Centauri has to come within its range in order to attack it...