Sorcery early styles


If you choose a sorcery style before meeting the preriquisite for the basic spell do you automatcally gain the basic spell once the preriquisite are all met? Ex:I choose 4lvl new sorcery style: Prestidigitation I don't have 4 ranks in sleight of hand(impossible cross-class) when I reach lvl 5, I get my 4 ranks in SoH. Do I gain Conjuring for free? Or do I have to use my new advance spell to get it? Or is it just impossible to take a New sorcery style if you don't met the preriquisite? If so, the range of New sorcery style you can choose at early lvl 1,2 and 4 is much small cause a lot of them have 4 or more ranks in cross-class skills as base spell preriquisite.
Don't forget that if you have an Intelligence bonus, you can use those bonus skill points on any skill as though it were a class-skill. Thus a scholar with a 13+ Int CAN have 4 ranks of Sleight-of-Hand at first level.