Some questions about Player's character


Hi I have some questions about character creation..... since english is not my native language and I'm new to D20 system ........ :)

First of all, in the character sheet, What do we put at :

- "PHYS CHR" ?

Then, how can we know the base score for the fortitude, reflex, will, initiative, melee and ranged ? I have the bonuses via the races, class and feats .... but where is the base ?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Ah.... Those....

Those entries are just for 'flavour' and do not really correspond to any game statistics. Don't worry about putting anything in those four areas. You can use them for anything you want, including distinguishing features and areas of the galaxy the character has clearnace to travel through.

Take care, and your english is better than my... well, any language but english... :)

Yeah the first block of stuff is part of the "Identicard" of the character. However for the second question you have to look at the class your playing in the B5 main book, they list all that in there for each character class like the D&D main book. And yes there will be one attack bonus listed, it applies to melee and ranged attacks.