Slaine - question on Warp Spasm chart


ok guys... so which is it?

+4 for being skyclad and -2 for a hero harness, or the other way around +4 for the harness, and -2 for skyclad?

the chart at the beginning of the warp spasm section says the first one, and the chart later on says the last one
The former for is right for the first table, to determine how big a warp you have (if any). The latter is right for the second table, to determine how much control you have over the warp. Hero-Harnesses mean you won't usually have such an extreme warp, but might have more control over it -- suitable for heroes, whose main concern is not whether they will warp out or not, but how out of control they might become in the process! Going skyclad is good for characters with less chance of warping out -- human tribal warriors with the Blood of Heroes feat, or lower-level warped warriors.