slaine plot idea-the talisman of the winds

toothill man

the players story-

the group get a comissision to find a anicent temple and loot it the hooded stranger wants only the golden talisman from the high altar the rest of the loot is theres too do with as they see fit

what is really happening-

the client is a evil warlock in league with the drunes and the talisman is hidden from such as he so he needs the party.the temple is in a cloud somewere over the sea and removal of the tailsman removes all cloud so causing famine and drought.there are various monsters guarding the amulet and they will fight hard if possible making one of the party wear the prize which will fuse too the robbers skin and the player becomes a avatar of the winds but with the evil warlock vowing his revenge.Also being a temple of smoke on a cloud all valuables dissapear in a puff of smoke leaving only the living amulet
Players just hate being at sea, maybe not so much in Slaine, but in Std Fantasy it was always a great way to get em out of that nasty heavy armour!!!

You can't beat a bit of boarding action, my players love it!!

I ran Earthdawn for a couple of years and we had some great scraps using airships.

Actually, you could use one of the earth powered ships like out of early Slaine story with when he is protecting the drune lord, and that could tie in nicely with your guy working for the drune lords? A subtle hint for the players, maybe he could turn up in it at the end just as the towers collapsing/vanashing and they could borrow it!!!