from stories included in CONAN, by Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, and Lin Carter.

The Thing in the Crypt

Setting: Northern Brythunia, in the foothills of the Graaskal Mountains.

Notable Equipment: The Sword of Elder Ages, an ancient broadsword made from blued iron.

Monsters: The Thing in the Crypt, nearly invincible but suseptible to fire. Wolves.

The Tower of the Elephant

Setting: Arenjun, the City of Thieves, in Zamora.

NPCs: Yara, a High Priest whispered to be the real ruler of Zamora. He is said to have been alive for centuries.

Taurus, a Nemedian master thief. He is called the "Prince of Thieves".

Yag-kosha, a being from another realm. Head resembles an elephant on a man's body.

Notable Equipment: The Elephant's Heart, a gem said to be the secret of Yara's magic. The Heart enables its user to polymorph enemies, among other magicks.

Black Lotus Powder: Taurus blows through a copper tube, creating the dust cloud made from the Black Lotus that grows in the lost jungles of Khitai. To smell the dust (or the unplucked blossoms) means instant, silent death.

Hair Cord: Woven from the tresses of dead women, taken from their tombs at midnight, steeped in the deadly wine of the upas tree to give it strength. This cord can hold the weight of three heavy-set men.

Monsters: Lions, Giant Spider.

Noteworthy: Arenjun's torchlight district is referred to as the "Maul".

There are several competing religions represented in Arenjun's Temple District.

The Elephant's Tower is said to have been constructed over night by strange magicks wielded by High Priest Yara. The Tower's guards are elite Zamorian Royal Guardsmen. The Tower is a round, slim, perfect cylinder, 150 feet in height, with sparkleing gems encrusted on its surface. The Tower's walls reflect light as if the walls were made of silver. Yara spends little time at the Tower, but when there, he typically uses the upper levels the most. The Tower stands in Arenjun's Temple District. Although apparently solid, the outer walls of the Tower feature cleverly constructed doors and windows. The Tower is protected by monsters and animals in addition to the guardsmen provided by the kingdom's ruler.

Royal Zamorian Guardsmen wear silvered armor with a crested helm.

The lost jungles of Khitai are home to the priests of Yun.

The Hall of the Dead

Setting: Gorge outside of Shadizar in Zamora; the ruins of Larsha.

NPCs: Nestor, a Gunderman, commander of the Zamorian squad.

King Tiridates, the Zamorian ruler.

Abuletes, tavernkeep in the Maul of Shadizar.

Semiramis, black haired wench, several years older than Conan.

King Yildz, the king of Turan.

Monsters: Giant Slug. Mummified warriors.

Noteworthy: Standard Zamorian soldiers wear plain steel caps and leather jerkins with bronze buttons and bronze greaves. Officers wear polished bronze curiass and a helm with towering horsehair crest with bronze greaves. Soldiers use bows, pikes, and short swords with bucklers. Officers are outfitted with long sword and a dagger.

Treasure taken from Larsha is cursed.

The Corinthian Road leads west from Shadizar. The West Gate of Shadizar opens upon the road.

Three bowshots from the city walls of Shadizar is the fountain of Ninus, on the Corinthian Road. Ninus was a rich merchant who suffered from a wasting disease. A god visited him in his dreams and promised him a cure if he would build a fountain on the road west from Shadizar, so that travelers could wash and quench their thirst before entering the city. Ninus built the fountain, but it is unknown if he was cured from his disease.

Larsha is an ancient Zhemri city.

The God in the Bowl

Setting: Numalia in Nemedia.

NPCs: Arus, Numalian Watchman.

Kallian Publico, wealthy merchant.

Demetrio, Chief of the Numalian Inquisitorial Council.

Dionus, Numalian Chief Watchman.

Promero, Kallian Publico's Chief Clerk.

Enaro, Kallian Publico's charioteer.

Posthumo, Numalian Watchman.

Caranthes of Hanumar, Priest of Ibis.

Thoth-Amon, Stygian Sorcerer.

Monsters: Child of Set.

Noteworthy: Kallian Publico's Temple warehouses rarities from around the world.

Palian Way is the road leading from the city to Kallian's Temple.

Numalian watchmen wear scarlet tunics.

The city's watch operates from the Court of Justice.
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