slaine new goddess-Aerfon

toothill man

Aerfon is one of the many lesser war goddesses once attached too tribes around the river Dee her worship is slowly spreading too other areas and tribes.She is the mistress of deadley defence with hillforts and cunning strongholds her pleasure.She is looked on as a steady goddess with statues and pictures showing her as a stern older handmaiden sometimes holding the hand of her close sister Nemain as if holding her back till the time is right.

Her symbol is a strong tower parting waves and her hated enemy are the formorrians who stole some of her fortresses like the tower of glass and she has never forgiven them.She is worshipped equally among all the earth goddess tribes but if she has too pick a favourite it would be the finians who like her endure hardship before dealing it out tenfold which is her business.She helps her faithful with dreams of newer bigger traps and strongholds which sometimes puts her at odds with her mother the earth goddess.
Very cool! I was researching this kinda stuff myself and it would be neat to make up a PDF of all the celtic gods not mentioned in the Slaine book. So Prophet ole boy what do ya say and tooth what else ya got? HEHEH!!!
i decided to use the search feature, to find out how many messages have gone by my attention, that have mentioned me.... heres the

so making a pdf of all the celtic gods not mentioned by the slaine book....

tuatha de dannon i assume?... all of them, or what.. if someone gets me the information, i can make the pdf... im sure toothill has alot of
have at the moment sent in good guys :D and think will change sides and publish a few of the bad guys next time :twisted: any requests :shock: as in formorrian,midguard ,fir bolg,titan? have some of all of these with fir bolg and formorrian the most in number :twisted: