slaine new god-Aenghus god of love

toothill man

Known sometimes as the consorts of blodenwedd he is the god of the male body perfect.Statues of him are always of a nude man always smiling and hung like a donkey but never carrying any weapons of any type.

His small cults members are known as peacocks and are all under the protection of the much larger cult of blodenwedd.

Entry too the cult is strict were only the most beautiful are allowed to enter any bleamish or scar is a reason too be exspelled from the order.Most warriors think the peacocks are scum who let real men protect there lives and so have little or no standing in tribal armys or most high councils.

with there manic obsession for beauty they are great patrons of the both art and artists with there self appointed task too make the capital cities even more beautiful.The other gods have no time for him as he just spends anytime given too him too say how beautiful he and his followers are,his lack of protectors would worry most other lesser gods but he is far too busy looking at himself in his enchanted mirror.