SLAINE Master Index

Yogah of Yag

I'm a relatively new convert to Slaine RPG (and in need of a vacation of sorts from the Conan RPG), and I know it's very belated, but I have just now put an index for some of the Slaine books online for those who are interested. I have yet to get The Finians and Fir Domain books, so patience is appreciated.

thank you for the index alot of work must have gone into it would be a shame to distroy it suggest sending it to slaine yahoo instead 8)
toothill man said:
thank you have to get some ink then will if its okay with you get a hard copy 8)

Copy to your heart's content. 8)
Hope it will be useful to all.

(It's a shame that the Slaine line has become a dry river-bed and not the rushing torrent of the Conan line. :? :cry: )
Version 1.3 of the Master Index is now up. Feats are labelled {FEAT} and spells are labelled {SPELL}{DIV}, {SPELL}{NAT}, {SPELL}{CUR}, &c.