Ship's Locker: Out of the Closet


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Ammunition Capacity

A. I don't think there's much point in going beyond standard (modified) magazine capacity of twenty eight for the snub assault weapon.

B. They're going to be used at very close quarters, and since it's military, no problem in using any number of standard magazines.

C. Probably cheaper too, since you'd pay double for only a fifty percent increase.

D. The armoury would likely be able to manufacture caseless ammunition and reload the magazines, through an attached workshop.

E. I tend to think that likely it would be preloaded still stored in factory cases.

F. This weapon system is specifically designed and manufactured for the Confederation Marine Corps, though other Confederation military and paramilitary organization can procure them from the Confederation Navy.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Officer's Revolver

Q. The Grand Admiral's revolver could be seven chambered, and probably worth tens of kilostarbux.

R. I was curious where the retail price of sixteen hundred starbux came from.

S. Apparently, the Royal Navy's commissioned officer ceremonial sword costs about twelve hundred pound sterling.

T. Payment arrangements are negotiable.

U. I'd estimate that's about three hundred starbux.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Ammunition Capacity

G. The military arms most likely to be committed to combat in microgravity, and/or vacuum, would be the Confederation Marines, or Confederation Navy.

H. Their specified snub handguns would be most likely used as templates for the rest of the Confederation, military or civilian.

I. Cased ammunition is the vast majority, being three times cheaper than caseless, and probably easier to handle.

J. The military model would have maximum modified capacity, fourteen rounds in a standard magazine.

K. And twenty one in an extended one.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Ammunition Capacity

L. Since ball ammunition doesn't really cut it, in most situations, snub ammunition was the easiest go to for the more unusual variants to force multiply.

M. Caseless would be preloaded, and/or the magazine would be marked as to the sequence or sole variant being used.

N. Cased snub rounds would have the casings colour coded, so you don't mistakenly load a high explosive bullet when you just want to shoot that varmint with a flechette.

O. Or maybe just the bullet/payload itself, in case the cases are collected and reused.

P. You could incorporate a tiny sensor in the pistol to identify the type of chambered cartridge, or look at the revolver cylinder.


Emperor Mongoose
Weapon Modularization

1. Any weapon can have one component that can be detached at no cost or weight, such as a detachable stock on a combat shotgun. Full Modularisation allows multiple parts to be swapped around quickly and easily with only basic tools. For example, a Traveller expecting close combat might remove the barrel and stock of their rifle, swapping the barrel for an assault length one. Modularisation adds 10% to the weight and 20% to the cost of the weapon.

2. It's under Furniture.

3, I wonder if that includes the receiver, and ammunition feed devices.

4. Manufacturing wouldn't be cheaper, but it should be faster.

5. Repairs would be easier.

6. If you exchange the receiver for another calibre, you'd have to change the feed device and barrel in most cases as well, I would think.

7. I was looking at the Shipmate, and thinking that definitely can't be correct about the ammunition capacity, or how they left out details in the design sequence.

8. But it did make me consider if the Confederation Marine Snub Assault Weapon should be modularized.

9. Or be Appled, making it perfect in it's current form.


Emperor Mongoose
Weapon Modularization

A. On the other hand, Appling it keeps the Snub Assault Weapon a limited edition, with crazy expensive caseless ammunition.

B. Thereby controlling access and distribution.

C. Advanced projectile weapon seems to work with non modified ammunition of the same calibre, so specific technological level nine (plus) ammunition is not an issue.

D. The handgun variant would be widespread, with everyone (or everybeing) having something similar.

E. There's little point, beyond local firearm regulations, in limiting access.

F. So you could standardize the handgun type, to customize it to individual taste.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Officer's Revolver

V. Do petty and warrant officers need ceremonial revolvers?

W. The revolvers being a badge of office.

X. They could also be notched, with assignments, achievements, and awards.

Y. Part of the reason they're revolvers is to limit the possibilities of assassination, since they'd be brought into secured locations.

Z. Possibility of five chambered variant, for starter pistols.


Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Officer's Revolver

1. Seems pointless to make it out of gold or silver.

2. However, platinum or some other exotic metal might be possible.

3. Could also be used for duelling.

4. Formal surrender.

5. Promotion.

6. Seppuku.

7. Brevet promotion.

8. Maybe acting.

9. Honourary.


Emperor Mongoose
Weapon: Snub Advanced Revolver
Type: Handgun

Component ————— Cost - Weight - Other Factors
Receiver Type: Handgun - Cr175 - 0.8kg - Quickdraw 4
Ammunition Type: Low Recoil Special Purpose — Base Damage: 3D-3
Ammunition Cost: Cr200 per 100 rounds
Base Range: 40m
Base Ammunition Capacity: 10 rounds
Base Capacity Variation -20%
Signature: Physical (normal)
Inaccurate -2
Penetration -1

Mechanism: Repeater — -50% — none — Ammunition Capacity-50%
Advanced Projectile Weapon — +25% — -10% — Range +25%, Physical Signature -1
Receiver Feature: Quickdraw — +20% — none — Quickdraw +2, Accuracy +1 (>25m), Inaccurate -1 (<25m)
Receiver Feature: Rugged — +30% — +10% —
Receiver Feature: Vacuumized — +20% — none —
Modified Ammunition Capacity: +50% — +50% — +25% — Ammunition Capacity +50%
Receiver Totals ———— Cr307.125 - 0.99kg
Barrel: Handgun ———— Cr46.06875 - 0.198kg - Range -80%, Quickdraw +4
Stock: Stockless ——— Cr0 - 0.0kg — Quickdraw +2, Inaccurate -2 (<25m)
Totals ——————— Cr353.19375 - 1.188kg


Emperor Mongoose
Guns, like everything else, are subject to quality degradation with time. If you want to improve the function of your firearms or make them more resistant to corrosion, wear, and rust, try using a harder plating solution. One such option is hard chrome plating (HD-Chrome).

Hard Chrome is among some of the most corrosion-resistant and robust weapons finishes. It is simple to maintain and improves the functionality of the handgun. Chrome plating a pistol is a technical operation that necessitates a high level of expertise and knowledge.

Fusion Firearms' hard chrome finishing services range in price from $275 to $595, depending on the amount of parts preparation and parts being serviced. Also, hard chrome is available in a satin matte finish or a brushed polished finish or a combination of both. Check out our website and customer services for more information on the same.


Emperor Mongoose

The Confederation Navy does not expect its officers to get involved in gunfights, except during boarding actions, and the occasional ground assaults. Sidearms are a badge of rank and perhaps the last chance at self-defence in a desperate situation. The standard-issue officer’s handgun is a beautifully decorated 10mm revolver holding six rounds. Its slim lines emphasize its long barrel and overall elegance. These guns are not very effective in long range combat but are manufactured to extremely high standards and are very ‘pointable’. When individually custom made for a specific officer, a Navy revolver gives DM+1 on aimed fire but only when used by the person it was made for.

Customized Navy revolvers are grossly overpriced, and well-off officers often choose to have an even better one handmade. Prices in the tens of thousands of starbux are commonplace. These weapons are worn for show and may not even be loaded under safe conditions. An officer expecting to be in a fight would normally arm himself with a ‘proper’ gun from the armoury, or – better – a squad of Marines.

Weapon ————— TL — Range Damage — Kg — Cost —Magazine — Magazine Cost — Quickdraw — Traits
Officer’s Revolver —— 9 — 2.5/10/20/40-80 —— 3D-3 — 1.188 — Cr353.19375 — 6 ———— Cr12 ————— 12 —— Inaccurate -1 (>25m), Inaccurate -5 (<25m), Low Penetration -1, Physical Signature (low), Zero-G
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Emperor Mongoose
Confederation Navy: Officer's Revolver

A. Why switch to cased snub ammunition?

B. Outside of happenstance that that's where I happen to currently be in the book.

C. It's probably generic and universally available, considering the vast majority of users would be civilian spacers.

D. Also, desperate likely means close encounters of the surprising kind.

E. Whether or not this, or any gun, gets gets individualized accuracy is uncertain.

F. I tend to think they're chromed and shiny, which should another hundred starbux.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Solomani Space Service Standard Sidearm

1. First, you have to figure out how far you deviate from listed examples.

2. Then you have the Shipmate model to consider.

3. Anything above ten metres range would be handled with rocket guns.

4. Being military, not a problem to acquire.

5. Short range combat would be the Snub Assault Weapon.

6. So what you want is something that does pack some punch at short range, at least more than the listed civilian model(s).

7. Shipmate modular configuration would be a waste of resources.

8. Also, being in microgravity, why would you want a recoil of handgun/two, plus snub/two, minus dice/three, minus automatic/two, minus increased rate of fire/two, for a total of recoil three.

9. Unless there's a rule that for zero gravity weapon trait, you can ignore recoil effects except for accuracy, which I haven't spotted, yet.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Solomani Space Service Standard Sidearm

A. Handgun receiver.

B. Freebie modularization would be a barrel change.

C. A Stockless weapon may have a mounting for a stock, at negligible cost and weight, in which case it is covered by a butt cap until a stock of some kind is mounted.

D. Any weapon can have one component that can be detached at no cost or weight, such as a detachable stock on a combat shotgun.

E. Might actually cancel each other out.

F. Base ammunition capacity/ten, snub ammunition modified/minus twenty percent/eight, high capacity/plus twenty percent/nine point six, ammunition capacity increase/plus 145.8333333333333%/fourteen.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Solomani Space Service Standard Sidearm

G. Going by the design sheet, the Shipmate only has a magazine capacity of 9.6 snub bullets.

H. Surprisingly, bookkeeping auditing shows the costs are correct as stated, and no hidden fees, nor weights.

I. Magazine capacity of fourteen would require additional magazine capacity increase, which isn't mentioned, nor accounted for.

J. You could have an extended magazine for twenty one rounds, at double the cost, from a modified capacity of fourteen.

K. A drum magazine is two hundred fifty percent, and cost five times standard ones.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Solomani Space Service Standard Sidearm

L. Snub Assault Weapon exists, and is meant to be used by personnel who know what they are doing during boarding actions, or close assault situations.

M. Confederation Marines.

N. Naval personnel would be issued a firearm that won't get in anyone's way, and gives them some form of self defence and deterrence, beyond that of a civilian variant.

O. If the Confederation Navy wanted a cheap solution to this, they could just purchase these civilian variants and add them to their armories, or ship's lockers.

P. However, they would utilize the generic snub ammunition, widely available on the civilian market.


Emperor Mongoose
A Ukrainian reserve officer posted a picture on February 26 reportedly of a captured Russian manual that details the tactics of a newly minted “assault detachment,” which is a battalion-sized element that has been optimized for frontal assaults on fortified areas.

The assault detachment formation reportedly fields six T-72 main battle tanks, 12 infantry fighting vehicles, and a collection of man-portable thermobaric rocket launchers, anti-tank guided missile systems, towed artillery, and self-propelled mortars.

The assault detachment appears to be comprised of three assault companies and a tank section.

Each assault company has a command element, two assault “platoons” (at far below normal platoon strength), a UAV team, an armored fighting vehicle (AFV) group, a fire support platoon and an artillery support platoon, a reserve section, and a medevac section. Each company fields one tank and four BMP/BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicles, with anti-tank launchers, heavy machine guns, and mortars. The Ukrainian reserve officer remarked that assault “platoons” of 12 to 15 people, divided into tactical groups of three people, are the formation’s primary maneuver elements.

The assault detachment reportedly conducts assaults within less than a minute of the time when artillery fire begins on open fortified positions, with the platoon commander controlling mortar fire.

The manual suggests that Russian forces are trying to adapt maneuver forces into smaller and more agile military formations than were employed earlier in the war.

The Ukrainian reserve officer noted that this new tactical formation suggests that Russian forces have replaced the defunct battalion tactical group (BTG) with these smaller and more agile maneuver formations.

The manual suggests that Russian forces are using T-72 tanks for direct fire support from the rear rather than as integral parts of a combined arms team. The increased reliance on dismounted infantry and the relegation of tanks to fire support from the rear indicates that Russian military leadership is prioritizing protecting main battle tanks over protecting infantry, which is reflective of recent reports of massive equipment losses that Russian armor units sustained over the first year of the war.

The manual indicates that the Russian military is resorting to employing a form of simplified combined arms warfare that has likely been pared down to compensate for the overall degradation of Russian manpower and equipment capacity and which is easier for inexperienced and untrained mobilized personnel slotted into such detachments to employ.

Undoubtedly, if more manpower were available, assault platoons would be thirty to fifty personnel, and presumably, a heavy weapons company would be added for direct support.

I would expect a combat engineer platoon.

For mercenary scenarios, an option to organize indigenous forces.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Solomani Space Service Standard Sidearm

Q. Reliability would be a requirement.

R. Vacuumized seems to be essential, considering the normal environment that the snub pistol would be expected to be utilized.

S. (Semi) bullpup Crewmate has an interesting take on this feature, and since it has no perceived deficit, besides cost, should be taken advantage of.

T. Examining the design sheet shows no discrepancies.

U. However, the magazine capacity is base ten for a handgun, not thirty; neither high capacity nor additional ammunition capacity is mentioned.


Emperor Mongoose
Snubbed: Solomani Space Service Standard Sidearm

V. Trained personnel is worth more that cutting corners on their equipment, which could get them killed.

W. It's not worth being stingy on combat equipment, especially that meant for personnel directly involved.

X. For personnel not expected to be involved directly, such as rear area and spacers.

Y. However, it doesn't have to cost a mint.

Z. And should be uncomplicated enough so that they don't hurt themselves or their comrades operating it.