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Fictional Tanks Size Comparison 3D

Fictional Tanks Size Comparison 3D
SV-001 - Metal Slug
Rebecca Buck - Tank Girl
GITS Spider Tank - Ghost in the Shell
M577 - Aliens
Veritech Hover Tank - Robotech
Dracula - WOTB
Edelweiss tank - SEGA title, “Valkyria Chronicles"
TT77 NOSOROG - Metal Gear
M61A5 MBT - Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
Objekt 279 - metal gear
Leman Russ - Warhammer 40K
T-100 Ogre - Tom Clancy's EndWar
EDF tanks - Red Faction
Predator tank - Command and Conquer
M808B Scorpion - Halo
Brawl – Transformers Movie
Magella Tank - Gundam
AAT Battle Tank - Star Wars
TX-130 Saber-class - Star Wars
Hovertank - David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers series.
Mammoth MK.I - Command & Conquest
Czolg P - Stanisław Lem
RX-75 Guntank - Gundam
Apocalypse Tank - Red Alert 3
T4-B Heavy Tank - Star Wars
Baneblade - Warhammer 40,000 universe
Trajan Grav Tank - Renegade Legion
Ogre Mark VI - Ogre (board game)
Stalin’s Balls of Steel - Protivotank
The Land Ironclads - a short story by H.G. Wells
P.1000 Ratte
Longdan - Code Geass
Bolo mark XXXIII - Keith Laumer

As I recall, ground pressure is an issue, as well as weight limitations on bridges, and size ones in tunnels.

That Stalin had Balls of Steel should come as a surprise to no one; it's sorta how I imagined some of my spherical designs look like.


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Law level and Slug Throwers

1. This has more to do with the Confederation arming liberation movements in the occupied territories.

2. Submachineguns are probably the most practical military weapon (in the sense of effect and costs), but also the easiest to identify as such, with no civilian role.

3. Probably why they are outlawed at law level four.

4. At law level six, all you can legally possess is a shotgun, and I suspect that includes a limited ammunition capacity, maybe three.

5. At law level five, you either can't own slug throwers that can be concealed, or you aren't allowed to conceal slug throwers, so maybe open carry is legal.

6. Tolerance might not extend to really small pistols.

7. You could automate the pistols, but I would think that's expressly outlawed; even though it probably doesn't require that much tinkering.

8. Even if you consider the gauss based sidearms as default military weapons in the Fifty Seventh century, the two technological levels lower advanced combat rifle, and I suspect anything else that's labelled advanced combat, will be included.

9. So now we have the case for the assault rifle.


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Law level and Slug Throwers

A. It wouldn't be too hard for an insurgency to manufacture Sten guns.

B. The issue might be more ammunition availability.

C. You pick one type of bullet that's commercially manufactured and universally a standard.

D. Intermediate rifle bullet, that could be used in a light machine gun, assault rifle, carbine/submachine gun, hunting rifle, and arguably in a modified handgun.

E. If outlawed, you'd have to smuggle it in in any event, so it's easier to go with one.

F. Undoubtedly, examination of isotopes would locate the manufacturer, so it's easier if a large number of them exist, so you can source them from anywhere and everywhere.


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Law level and Slug Throwers

G. Giving the assault rifle the benefit of the doubt, they are legal at law level four and below.

H. However, since submachineguns are banned, probably only as a semi automatic.

I. What's not mentioned is ammunition capacity, and let's assume there's no limit, though jurisdictions may differ.

J. Law level five might require all weapons to be coloured with neon yellow.

K. This may include the holster and the gun belt.


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Law level and Slug Throwers

L. Jurisdictions are likely to have their own interpretations on the local law level definition.

M. But taken literally, I think having onboard pump action shotguns, Stoner assault rifles, and gauss rifles (law level two and below) can be issued for local security.

N. Winchesters (intermediate rifle round) if assault rifle fall foul of the local firearm regulations, though it doesn't look that way.

O. The Winchester lever action and internal magazine was an option in case a closer examination of the law levels would disqualify the assault rifle (which I don't think so).

P. So I guess the next project is the cheapest possible assault rifle.



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Law level and Slug Throwers

Q. Ideally, you want identical bullets.

R. You could have some minute differences, usually very slighter smaller, though that should also impact performance.

S. The detachable magazines, regardless of capacity, should be compatible.

T. Unless you have time to waste, in which case there are stripper clips or various devices to simplify reloading.

U. Capacity itself might not really be an issue, since someone practiced could quite easily drop the magazine and attach a new one, with little loss of time, besides you might want to give the barrel a pause to cool down.


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Law level and Slug Throwers

V. The one round I don't think will undergo any change would be the shotgun twelve gauge.

W. Not everyone wears armour.

X. And I would think that in a vacuum, no one wants multiple perforations in their spacesuit.

Y. Until law level seven, very much legal.

Z. I suspect anything with a calibre of twenty millimetres plus will be categorized as destructive, equivalent to military, weapon system.


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How Russian Pilots Use This NEW Weapon When Shot Down

Russian Aerospace Forces officially approved the addition of the PPK-20 submachine gun into their survival kit for military pilots. The PPK-20 U differs from its predecessor the Vityaz-SN in a few key ways that make it actually a solid weapon for this particular mission set. Its lower weight is reportedly 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs unloaded which is how it will be integrated in the pilot survival kit. In its shortest configuration it’s just 16 inches long allowing it to fit in the Russian KM-36 ejection seat.

Oryx, a website tracking Russian and Ukrainian loses has reported that the Russian airforce has now lost 142 combat aircraft over Ukraine including jets and helicopters since the invasion began. Dozens of those incidents reportedly lead to the Ukrainian armed forces capturing those Russian pilots but others may have escaped.

Compact trait.


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A folding or telescoping stock reduces weight at the cost of being less effective. When deployed, a Folding Stock allows aimed fire at ranges beyond 25m with DM-1. When the stock is not deployed the weapon counts as Stockless. A Folding Stock adds 5% to the weight and 15% to the cost of the weapon.

1. As I understand it, there is a distinct difference between a telescoping and a folding stock.

2. However, since they have the same effect at the same cost, I choose folding stock.

3. You can use the folding stock as an integral container.

4. Probably the five percent weight gain is correct, for the telescoping stock.

5. Five percent being the cost of the hinge for the folding stock, and maybe the mechanism for the telescope.
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Any weapon can have one component that can be detached at no cost or weight, such as a detachable stock on a combat shotgun. Full Modularisation allows multiple parts to be swapped around quickly and easily with only basic tools. For example, a Traveller expecting close combat might remove the barrel and stock of their rifle, swapping the barrel for an assault-length one. Modularisation adds 10% to the weight and 20% to the cost of the weapon.

1. Freebie!

2. Folding stock gives us barrel change.

3. You could simplify selection to short, assault, rifle and very long.
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Please don't use the yellow font colour, it is very difficult to read.

I get the feeling those rules are written by someone who doesn't know guns very well. There is no weight surcharge for "modular", cost yes. As to folding stocks they are no less accurate than fixed stocks these days, in fact with the adjustable "telescoping" stock you are likely to be more accurate since you can adjust it to your ergonomic preference.

Take the AR15 platform, as long as you know what you are doing you pick an upper and a lower, a brace/stock, a barrel, and a handguard.


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Given the choice, I'd pick telescoping, because if you wear armour, the distance shortens.

However, that's not mentioned in the description.

Also, wireframe stock.


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Ye Intermediate Rifle Calibre Universal Bullet

1. Default would be a longarm, with exchangeable barrel, and folding stock.

2. First variant would be an assault weapon, with exchangeable barrel, and folding stock.

3. I guess this would be the cheap variant, meant as a personal defence weapon for support troops.

4. Second variant would be a handgun, with or without any type of stock, and since it's a freebie, exchangeable barrel.

5. It's not so much as a knock off, more as an opportunity to take advantage of the most common type of ammunition available.

6. Ammunition weight and volume not being so much of an issue.

7. Fifty starbux per hundred rounds isn't the cheapest, but pretty close.

8. Advanced combat is fifteen starbux per forty, but they would be manufactured at a higher technological level.

9. Also, at more than double the (listed) range, likely too hot for a default assault rifle.


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Ye Intermediate Rifle Calibre Universal Bullet

A. Since we have the benefit of hindsight, future perfect, we know that the advanced combat rifle and ammunition, exceeds in the upgrade path.

B. It is also military hardware, and likely unattainable to the vast majority of consumers.

C. It's possible that the ammunition itself is also banned for sale to non military and paramilitary end users.

D. The specific calibre, but perhaps there would be a commercial clone.

E. Though considering the inability of technological level nine advanced projectile weapon, to recreate the performance of the advanced combat rifle.

F. Maybe there is a technological level ten really advanced projectile weapon, that increases base range by eighty percent.


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Ye Intermediate Rifle Calibre Universal Bullet

G. Most mercenaries (and companies) are likely to be able to afford a decent rifle as a standard sidearm.

H. However, militaries probably would like to cut costs on stuff they don't think they'll need a lot, like arming support troops and personnel.

I. The assault weapon receiver costs three hundred starbux, compared to the longarm's four hundred starbux.

J. Plus, fully automatic is a freebie, not twenty percent upgrade.

K. For those tight squeezes, you have quickdraw plus two, and can opt to fire the weapon one handed, though at a minus two penalty.


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Ye Intermediate Rifle Calibre Universal Bullet

L. The problem with carbine length barrels is that you don't get a quickdraw plus one, in exchange for a twenty percent drop in range and minus one in damage.

M. However, that is better than quickdraw plus two for an assault barrel, in exchange for halved range and minus one dice from damage.

N. Which means you should suck it up and pay for a folding stock.

O. When folded, that gives you quickdraw plus two in exchange for lack of long range accuracy.

P. And more practically, makes it more compact for storage.


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Ye Intermediate Rifle Calibre Universal Bullet

Q. Versus medium handgun at three dice minus three, fifty percent grater ammunition cost, base range fifty metres.

R. Assault barrel at sixty starbux and six hundred grammes; halves range but totals quickdraw to four.

S. Full stock thirty starbux and two hundred grammes.

T. Which should be two and four fifths kilogrammes at three hundred ninety starbux, not Desperado's four hundred starbux.

U. It would appear that if you just upgraded the barrel to carbine for the intermediate rifle three hundred eighty five starbux, and three and one fifth kilogrammes, you have a pretty effective and cheap submachinegun.


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M16 rifle

Mass unloaded:
6.37 lb (2.89 kg) (M16A1)
8.31 lb (3.77 kg) (M16A2)
7.50 lb (3.40 kg) (M16A4)

8.81 lb (4.00 kg) (loaded with 30 rounds and sling)[5]

Effective firing range 550 m (601 yd) (point target)[9]
800 m (875 yd) (area target)[10]

Maximum firing range 3,600 m (3,937 yd)

Feed system STANAG magazine
20-round detachable box magazine:
0.211 lb (96 g) empty / 0.738 lb (335 g) full
30-round detachable box magazine:
0.257 lb (117 g) empty / 1.06 lb (480 g) full)
60-round detachable box magazine
Beta C-Mag 100-round drum magazine:
2.20 lb (1,000 g) empty / 4.81 lb (2,180 g) full)

Sights Iron sights:
Rear: aperture; L-type flip
Front: wing-protected post
Various aiming optics


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A STANAG magazine[1][2] or NATO magazine is a type of detachable firearm magazine proposed by NATO in October 1980.[3] Shortly after NATO's acceptance of the 5.56×45mm NATO rifle cartridge, Draft Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4179 was proposed in order to allow NATO members to easily share rifle ammunition and magazines down to the individual soldier level. The U.S. M16 rifle's magazine proportions were proposed for standardization. Many NATO members, but not all, subsequently developed or purchased rifles with the ability to accept this type of magazine. However, the standard was never ratified and remains a "Draft STANAG".[4]

The STANAG magazine concept is only an interface, dimensional and controls (magazine latch, bolt stop, etc.) requirement.[2][5] Therefore, it not only allows one type of magazine to interface with various weapon systems,[2][5] but also allows STANAG magazines to be made in various configurations and capacities.[2][5] The standard capacities of STANAG-compatible magazines are 20 or 30 rounds of 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition.[citation needed] There are also 5-, 10-, 40- and 50-round box magazines,[5] as well as 60- and 100-round casket magazines,[6][7] 90-round snail-drum magazines,[8] and 100-round drum magazines.[9] There has also been a 150-round drum magazine produced.[citation needed]

... Magazines have been manufactured with lightweight aluminum or plastic bodies and other inexpensive materials in order to keep costs down, or to meet requirements that treat the magazine more as a disposable piece of equipment than one that is supposed to stand up to repeated combat use.[citation needed]

As a result, in March 2009, the U.S. military began to accept delivery of improved STANAG magazines.[10] To increase reliability, these magazines incorporate heavier, more corrosion resistant springs and new tan-colored anti-tilt followers.[11] In addition, many commercial magazine manufacturers now offer improved STANAG-compatible magazines. These magazines are made from high-grade stainless steel bodies, rust- and set-resistant chrome-silicon springs, and anti-tilt followers. There are also highly reliable polymer magazines, some with view windows, others are translucent.[citation needed]