Ship Proxy Arachive


I haven't been in this situation before but a lot of my people that I play with are. They somehow loose there proxies for the Viking or the Thunderbolt or even tunnel assets and they dont know where they can get another one. Mongoose should post up a Arachive for all of the proxies that mongoose has, so if someone looses one, they can just go and get another one.

What do you think?
I could point you in the direction of some pretty good paper model making sites if you can't get anyone to reply.
There's these. Personally I use the lander.

sharkman said:
I ment like the thunderbolt but those are cool too

You did say
there proxies for the Viking or the Thunderbolt
. Since they are proxies, surely they can be what you say they are. Also the Old Crow 'armed splinter' would be a good TAC fighter/thunderbolt.
Shiver me' timbers Sharky said:
wow people just post randomly and then walk away

well, yeah, not everyone knows what youre looking for. And notice that not every topic on the forum is replied to, that would be silly.
For example, I am posting randomly to say this then walking away. Common sense man... (No jokes LBH :lol: :p )