Ship Combat: The Particle Barbette


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Garran said:
There'd still be the tradeoff that if you're using your Fire Control for PD, you're not using it to help stop the ship (or whatever) that's actually flinging the missiles your way.
If you have many turrets you can afford Advanced Fire Control that applies equally to all weapons on the ship.

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AnotherDilbert said:
Fire Control (Core, p151):
Allows the computer to fire a number of turrets per round equal to the listed number. Alternatively, it can give a positive DM to an attack equal to the listed number, or any combination of the two.
As far as I can see FC software can do PD, but cannot add a DM to a PD reaction.

Virtual Gunner (HG, p64):
Virtual Gunner: A Virtual Gunner package allows a ship’s computer to replace living gunnery crew in an efficient manner. The package can replace any number of gunners, ...
Says nothing about attacks, so shouldn't have any problem doing anything a live gunner can do, including PD.

I'm thinking that the 'best' solution, and the most consistent one, is to not allow Fire Control or Advanced Fire Control to perform PD or affect it, as well as not allowing laser hit-bonus to affect PD rolls. Virtual Gunner on the other hand can make attack rolls, use PD reactions and take advantage of both FC and AFC (but only when attacking).

Sure, one part of me thinks that if something gives a bonus to hit it should always count, regardless if we're firing on an enemy ship or an incoming missile. On the other hand, the lasers most likely have a separate PD firing mode, where perhaps all the bonuses and computer aids in the world can only go so far, and in the end it's up to the gunner to give it their best shot (sorry, bad pun….).

At first, I did not share your stance on FC, but upon further re-Reading it only speaks of firing turrets, which can be done either offensively or defensively, whereas it specifies can give a positive DM to an attack and a PD roll is not an attack.

Advanced Fire Control specifies that it's valid for attack rolls only, same as the bonus part of regular FC.


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If fire control is limited, prioritize fire control per combat turn.

Which brings us to close combat, where you could shift while waiting for other weapon systems to cool down or reload.


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Point defense should be, more or less, a flat roll based on your PD system. Modern systems, like Phalanx, are more or less self-contained and will auto-engage OR are command engaged based off the defending ship (Aegis-linked vessels can have all weapon systems tied into the tactical net for fleet coverage). Other systems, like the Rolling Airframe Missile system is designed to shoot down cruise missiles and is entirely dependent upon the ships active sensor system.

Then their is the combo Phalanx/RAM system which is autonomous and independent of the ships sensor system.


Supposedly every major combat system on the Type-45 destroyers can be operated from the Operations Room.

In the old days locations like that were buried deep in the hull; these days they're usually in the superstructure because they don't fit anymore.

Point defense is the last, not the only, thing that can stop a missile. There will be other missiles with longer reach, and also decoys and jamming.