Shadows Over Ophir



I'm currently working on a new adventure set in Ophir. I was reading the Kull Story "The Altar and The Scorpion" and Karl Edward Wagners "Dark Crusade" and thought that they could be combined into a good scenario.

I mixed in ideas from Marvels Conan the Barbarian No. 52 + 54.

All the stories deal with monstrous Shadow demons/gods. The adventure goes something like this:


In the days of King Kull, in a city on the edge of Valusia, a dark cult worshiped an Elder demon called The Black Shadow. The Priest of the cult eas killed and Kull drove the cult out or so he thought. (A+S)

Several years ago, as a mercenary, Conan discovered the ruins of the city, now part of Ophir. There, he fought a humanoid creature composed of living shadow - the avatar of the Black Shadow. The creature was neutralised by a Crystal Scorpion statue, an image of the Shadows deadliest enemy. (CTB 52 + 54)

Now, the cult has re-appeared. It has captured a charismatic Outlaw and used him as a host for the essense of the Black Shadow. He has allied himslf with a rebel prince of Ophir and now seeks to overthrow the current rulers, vassals of King Conan.

A number of cities have fallen already to the combination of armed might and black shadow demons employed by the rebels. They grow stronger with every conquest and threaten to sweep through Ophir and challenge the might of Aquilonia itself !!!.

Introduction ( (For the PCs)

"For days now, you have languished in the dungeons of Ioanthe following a drunked brawl and other crimes. . You await your chance to escape. Suddenly, A company of soldiers arrives lead by a nobleman. In chains, he escorts you to the royal palace. "

"There, you are offered a bargin by the King , a pardon and gold if you will infiltrate a rebel army, posing as mercenaries. You are find out as much as you can about their plans and if possible to kill the leader outlaw............"

GMs Notes.

The Pcs now must travel south through war torn Ophir facing bandits, deserters, etc. Eventually they discover that the outlaw leader, now a powerful sorceror as well, is immune to harm and can only be killed by metal from the the scorpion statue. They must travel to the ruined city by the Nemedian border and return before all of Ophir burns and war breaks out with Aquilonia !!!!!!!!!!

Still a work in progress. If anyone has any info on Ophir or any suggestions, please feel free ..............
Sounds pretty good; what monsters though?

I was wondering about why once freed, the PCs wouldn't just high-tail it out of there and not complete the quest?

Then I remembered a spell, possibly from Free Companies, that makes the victim unable to eat or drink. This spell could be cast on them by the court sorcerer, and he can watch them from afar using Divination spells.