Shadow Stats?

Does anyone have any working statistics for shadow warriors? I know there are a few running around on the station, even late in 2258, and I am wondering if anyone has made up something to throw at players in the event they are brave *also said crazy* enough to try to fight one for a time.

Or the shadow servant like shown in The Long Dark.

Thanks for any input anyone has.
We don't have any official rules for the Shadows as yet, but the soldier of darkness from the Long Dark can be found in the Coming of Shadows book.
Have a look in the download section of the B5 web site for trial Shadows rules - these are finalised in Point of No Return (which was finally approved and went to print yesterday!).
Woo hoo! Go Rangers, go Rangers, go Rangers...

Good news. Look forward to getting my mitts on it (same as anything else B5 that Mongoose seem to do)....
I'll second that. Great news! I will go check out the shadow thingy on the downloads - I have it I thought but only remember seeing stuff in there on ships.