Secrets of the Tragic Millenium

It's a campaign (although there are notes on playing most of the chapters as stand-alone adventures). The characters are hired by an eccentric German count to travel around Europe digging up ancient artifacts for him.

It's set before the war in Europe, but there are notes on converting the campaign to run during or after the war.

Chapter titles aren't too spoilery:
1: Introduction
2: Cast
3: The Honour of Count Tierkreis
4: The Lady in the Chapel
5: The Demon in the Crystal
6: The Moonbog
7: The Divine Mother of Jaguars
8: The Guardian Machine
9: The Betrayal
10: The Crown of Chaos
11: The Time of Fire and Darkness
12: To Serve The Balance
I just finished running this campaign, using pretty much the whole MGP Hawkmoon game line, but adapting all the Game System to Design Mechanism's RQ 6th edition. I kept the original game system's exceptional items (modified to work with RQ6) and the magic system (very close to RQ6's Sorcery). We ran the campaign for 18 months with 4 players, and it was great ! As written the campaign is very much bringing the mood of Moorcock's universe, and has some very exciting and epic moments, but needs a bit of work to flesh things out on some episodes. Lawrence Whitaker's Kamarg was especially inspirational in changing the campaign's ending, which I thought was a bit anticlimactic as-is. We ran the campaign in the year preceding Granbretan's invasion of Europe, with the final episodes occurring when the invasion started.

I made a few changes to the storyline, explained below, in case another GM would want some inspiration. WARNING: SPOILERS ahead.

Major changes I brought to the campaign

I added an episode, using the standalone MGP adventure "Hunters of Granbretan." That episode was inserted after the Moon Bog, when the characters come back from Eire and stop by Karlye to recover. I added this so that the characters would end up with the Sword of the Magistrate and the Hand of Fate, which would balance with the Crown of Chaos recovered later in the campaign. This way the characters were kind of torn between Chaos and Law, with the artifacts trying to steer them in one direction or another. 

The next big change was the ending,[/b] as I added a two-session episode to the campaign, ending in Kamarg. I thought it was a shame for the players never to visit that location in the campaign. This also also allowed the characters to meet Hawkmoon (albeit briefly), Count Brass (and his people) and see Tanelorn !

Here's how the ending changed:

-- When the players come back to Berlin from the Londra that Was, they learn that Granbretan started invading Francia

-- Germania closed all diplomatic relationships with Granbreatan, and declated war on Granbretan. 

-- All diplomats and advisors in Berlin are forced to leave. 

-- Duke Hawkmoon is himself rescuing the group when kicking Taragorm out of the Litzenburg palace (he is actually rescuing Tierkreis, but characters are saved at the same time from giving the Dark Jewel). 

-- Players are encouraged by a note from Jared Cannaly to seek advice and refuge in Kamarg (Jared Stayed in the Londra That Was to try and kill Huon, but failed and never came back. He most likely gravely injured Huon, which caused him to be moved to his glass throne).

-- If they don't move fast: send Spider Assassins/demons as Law and Chaos both want Joyeuse

Solutions for the players: 
     -- Kill Joyeuse
     -- Send Joyeuse to Tanelorn, where neither Law nor Chaos can reach her. 

To Kamarg:

-- Characters go to Kamarg to meet Count Brass.
     -- Teleport with Crown of Chaos? Can only Teleport to Lyonesse (known by the players). 
     -- Regular Travel? If so, possible encounter with local fauna (Baragoon, Salt Leech): see Kamarg supplement
     	On their way they find:
		* Encounter with a tower: 
		* Flight of Flamingos
		* Herd of Horned horses

-- Characters first need to get Count Brass' trust, which will give them access to Bowgentle's libary and information

	* Bowgentle and Risselda find books about Tanelorn.
	* Count Brass knows of the Severed Worlds Brotherhood, who are waiting for Tanelorn to appear in the marshes. 
		* Count Brass hears there are Granbretan spies in Kamarg, in increasing numbers. 
		* Also creatures from the "Hell" have been found and slain by the Guardians.

	* To help with the invocation, they will have to open Bogomil's lab. He was a servitor of both Chaos and Law and was trying to prepare Kamarg for the arrival of his master. 
	* Inside the laboratory they find a machine that could help with materializing Tanelorn, in addition the the Brothers' ceremonies.
	* When activating the machine, Bogomi's creations, buried in the marshes, will suddenly head for the castle and attack it. 
	* The spider assassins, infiltrated for weeks in Aigues Mortes, attack. They follow the characters thanks to 
	* characters will have to fight both and get Joyeuse to Tanelorn in the Marshes.  
		* Count Brass will help with his Guardians to lead them to safety. 
		* Just before reaching Tanelorn: Arioch's avatar will be called by the Crown of Chaos (headache for Risselda)
			* The characters have to fight him while the Guardians fend all the Marsh creatures. 

-- Before she leaves, Joyeuse gives her gear to the characters, and a map with several locations: Where her Codii are.

	* The warrior of Jet and Gold meets the characters and asks to give the Hand of Fate and Crown of Chaos to Joyeuse, so she can place them safely in Tanelorn.