Secrets of the Ancients

I have a question regarding Secrets of the Ancients. I have a player who created a Chokari who is a high rated telepath (level 4). Is a psionic character of this nature problematic in this adventure. I can't find any guidance on how to fit/handle psionic characters in this adventure. Please advise. Thanks!
It's fine. SOTA doesn't offer any particular hindrance against psionics, but bear in mind that your characters will be up against some exceptionally powerful psions, most notably
Grandfather and members of His Droyne lineage
The Chokari despise both the Ancients and the Zhodani, though, so it will be fun for your character to
find themself on The Planet of The Ancients, quite possibly psychically outclassed there
In truth, I've never stuck religiously to any pregenerated adventure module or campaign, so when I ran SOTA, I
threw out all of the rules, had Grandfather's mind occupy the body of a cloned human, INT and PSI something like 30, and she adventured with the Travellers until they began to figure out that something was really wrong with the way she always seemed to know some things,