Scholar's and the advanced spells

When I was checking out the level up abilities of the scholar and saw the advanced spell bonus, I looked at the spells and couldnt find any advanced spells. What are the advanced spells in the sorcery chapter? Do I still have to have the prerequesites?
I would guess that all spells apart from the Basic spells count as Advanced.

So, when you first pick up Counterspells, you get Warding. At a later level when you get an advanced spell, you can choose from any of the others.

Edit: assuming you meet the pre-reqs, of course.
Each sorcery style has one Basic spell (except for Summoning which is special in that it has two) when you learn a new style you also learn that Basic Spell.

All other spells are Advanced Spells. When you learn an Advanced Spell you may pick any advanced spell which your GM approves and which you meet the prereqs for, said prereqs always including knolwedge of the basic spell for that style.