What I don't see yet are any of the campaign/scenario packs. Are we going to see any come out quickly or are Mongoose hoping to see them generated through 3rd Party use of the OGL?
scenario will probably come progressively and the Glorantha setting book (in the 2nd age) should be of some help in this matter.
I assume this could be something:

No info yet, but it seems to be book named Quests?
Will the Glorantha book have a sample scenario?
Pretty please?
Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Will my RQ3 minotaur be able to make a comeback?
While I can hardly contain my excitement that RQ will be brought back into publication, I have no intention of buying anything, until I see some good adventures/campaign support. While I would have purchased a more generic/universal RQ Rules reprint, I think I'm going to hold off for a while.

I've brought too many rules/campaigns that never got played, because they lacked (struggling for the words here) support in the "Actual Sit Down and Play" aspect of the game. Granted, this is my own fault for throwing so much good money away. Still, Glorantha suffers this problem moreso than other games I've played (or not played). I still remember how much Glorantha stuff that came out that was, IMO, "good bathroom reading" and nothing more. - lots of meta gaming, noodle-ing, anthropoligical stuff - which is great in and of itself, but not very applicable to sitting down and role-playing hero antics. Things may have changed under HeroQuest or HeroWars, but I'm not familiar with those publications since the game system did not really appeal to me.

I've been gaming for years, and can write my own adventures and campaigns well enough, but nothing captures a setting better than good modules, and short campaign arcs. I have poor recollection of Glorantha's second age, as is illustrated by my first response (to my wife), that trolls won't be suffering from the Curse of Kin (which actually occurred in the 1st age, IIRC). Having pre-written adventures to run would truly turn my sparked interest into a raging inferno.
The quality of the RQII scenario packs-Pavis, Rubble, Borderlands, Griffin Mountain was what made the game. The background, the characters and the sense of a developing story were what drew me in.
matt has said the support will be amazing like it has been for conan and their is a good mix of city boxes,area guides and short adventures as it has worked so well for mongoose for conan cannot belive it wouldnt work for runequest too 8)