Scaling down - Evo minis for sale or trade


Right, I'll be moving to 20mm, which means I've got two small Evo forces for sale or trade.

Trade - I'm after 1/300 or 1/285 scale modern stuff (particularly GHQ or CinC).

For 20mm - I'd be after modern era, particularly Africa or Nam. Gives a bit of a clue as to my next project.

I'm looking for somewhere around 50% of the retail value.

What I've got


3 Shadows
36 marines (8 with SAW)


1 dude with AK


Type 99 tank
WZ-551 IFV
Norinco FAV (jeep with gun thingy)
Command squad (lieutenant, radio chap, 2 riflemen)
21 troops with assault rifle
3 troops with SAW
6 troops with AT rocket
(3 complete PLA squads)
Cards for all of the above.

If you want I'll throw in a BF:Evo rulebook. My MC book should be arriving in the post any day now.