Savage sword of Conan #1 (need advice)


I just saw The savage sword of Conan #1 (August 1974) at my local store, it's in good conditions, I'd say that it's C-8, you can see its age by the colour of the pages. It's $110 bucks.

I'd like to know if any of you know a site with the value of this issues. Thanks in advance!
That is WAY over-priced. There are several on ebay for sale right now - the most expensive is supposedly signed by Boris (the cover artist) and is going for around 50 dollars. Most are for around $20. I would go there if you want one.

Here is one: Savage Sword #1.
According to the 36th edition of the Overstreet Price Guide (this is the latest edition, by the way) Savage Sword of Conan # 1 is priced at :
Good condition = $10
Very Good condition = $20
Fine condition = $30
Very fine condition = $65
Near Mint condition = $130
So, it sounds to me like the one in your store is way overpriced! I agree with the previous poster, check on ebay for one, just make sure you buy from somebody with a good feedback rating.
I found this site
link to the issue

Well, I thought that it was harder to found, and that it was at a decent price, thanks for the help guys, it doesn't seem like a good deal anymore.

I better get other issues cause the covers are incredible, like Savage sword of Conan #144

You are right - there are some absolutely fantastic covers on these issues. I have most of the issues in the series and personally like the stories in and arount issues 50-75.