Running Steampunk at Anonycon


If you are in the US and anywhere near Connecticut, I will be running Steampunk at Anonycon on December 3rd (a Saturday).

I don't stick exactly to the OGL Steampunk book, but I use most of it, the main difference being in how I treat psychic powers.

Here's the blurb for the game:

D20 Steampunk - Mazes & Monsters
The City Council has hired you to stop the monster attacks on the logging operations at the edge of the Great Forest. City guardsmen are assigned to the loggers to repel most attacks but the guards quit since the attacking monsters started showing up with steam-powered mechanical arms and legs! Find out who, or what, is altering these monsters and put a stop to it! The Council will pay any survivors handsomely. D20 Steampunk. Rules will be taught.

And here's a link to the website for the Con:


Mods, if this belongs in another topic category, please move it and accept my apologies. I just assumed I'd get the most Steampunk players here.

Thank you.