Running Solomani Adventures


Cosmic Mongoose

I'm interested in running:
Solomani Adventure 1: Mysteries on Arcturus Station
Solomani Adventure 2: The Bell of Rocamadour

I already have Alien Module 5: Solomani. Would it be sufficient to run the above mentioned modules?

Also, what are the differences between AM5: Solomani and Solomani Front?

Does Solomani Front come with a sector map? What are the strong points and weak points of this book?

What is the final chapter, "Adventures in the Solomani Front" like?




Emperor Mongoose
Solomani Front is quite different and has nearly twice the number of pages as AM5. Martin added a lot of new material, including a great many new ships. He might have leaned a bit on the previous edition, but the new book is worth getting. And yes, it does come with a sector map.

As for running Solomani Adventures 1 & 2, they actually happen fairly near each other, astrographically speaking, despite the fact that one is in the Solomani Rim (Mysteries) and one is in Alpha Crucis (Rocamadour).