Runes and skills


I assume this is in the book, but I missed it.

There are 19 points you can put into a skill/subskills. Some Galdr require 18 of a given type of rune (Strings of Fate, for instance). If you have any points in Observation at character creation you will run out of room to apply those runes before you meet the prerequisites for the Galdr.

Are those points just lost or is there some benefit to putting a 20th point into Social Alertness other than meeting the prerequisites for the Galdr?
I think the Runes limit is just to Runes not the final stat.
So if you have 4 Might for example you could still get 4 Mjollnirite Runes for a total of 8 Might.
That's at least the only way I can see it working out.