Royal Navy points

Greg Smith

So below is my estimation of points for RN ships and planes. I kept the points within 5 point brackets which leads to some approximation. I made certain assumptions: points spreads were roughly 50 destroyers, 10 light cruisers, 200 heavy cruisers, 300-1000 for battleships; guns are key to points, armour and damage secondary; a few points of structure more or less makes next to no difference, low armour makes little or no odds between 1-3; and some traits make little or no difference in most games.

So there was lots of comparing and contrasting. While the destroyers and cruisers all are fairly similar and points don't vary much, there is a big spread across battle ships and I'm far less confident they stack up. More comparison with other fleets could lead to me radically rethinking it all :)

I haven't figured out carriers and submarines yet.

A couple of thinks arose when going through the fleet list in detail:
It is kind of confusing having a list in numeraical order and then the ships in alphabetical.
VT fuses are nowhere near worthy 5 points per AD. 1 point would probably be enough.
The supermarine Walrus observation flight is not in the points list.
The sunderland is not in the plane list.

V&W class: Wakeful sub-hunter isn't worth 10 points.
Long Range escort: Radar & Subhunter isn't worth 15 points.
C-Class: capetown etc:eek:ne point of damage isn't worth 5 points
Dido: it hasn't got 8 x 5.25" guns.
Hunt hasn't got 6 x 4.5" guns

Kent class is very confusing how points are figured out.
What are the stars on the Swiftsure's torpedoes?

Admiralty V&W (WAIR)-class destroyer 25 points
A and B-class destroyer 40 points
Admiralty V&W-class destroyer 40 points
Admiralty V&W (long range escort)-class destroyer 25 points
C and D-class destroyer 40 points
E and F-class destroyer 45 points
Hunt-class destroyer escort 30 points
Admiralty Scott-class destroyer leader 35 points
G and H-class destroyer 45 points
I-class destroyer 50 points
J, K and N-class destroyer 50 points
Tribal-class destroyer 35 points

C-class anti-aircraft cruiser (Type 1) 50 points
C-class anti-aircraft cruiser (Type 3) 50 points
Delhi-class anti-aircraft cruiser 50 points
C-class light cruiser 65 points
C-class anti-aircraft cruiser (Type 2) 70 points
Danae-class light cruiser 70 points
Arethusa-class light cruiser 80 points
Bellona-class anti-aircraft cruiser 85 points
Dido-class anti-aircraft cruiser (3rd group) 85 points
Dido-class anti-aircraft cruiser (1st group) 90 points
Hawkins-class light cruiser (Type 2) 90 points
Dido-class anti-aircraft cruiser (2nd group) 95 points
Leander-class light cruiser 120 points
Hawkins-class heavy cruiser (Type 1) 85 points
Perth-class light cruiser 145 points
Emerald-class light cruiser 110 points
Kent-class heavy cruiser 150 points (165 Australia, Canberra)
Swiftsure-class light cruiser 125 points
Uganda-class light cruiser 125 points
Fiji-class light cruiser 135 points
Gloucester-class light cruiser 135 points
York-class heavy cruiser 115 points
Edinburgh-class light cruiser 130 points
Tiger-class light cruiser 125 points
London-class heavy cruiser 175 points
Norfolk-class heavy cruiser 175 points
Southampton-class light cruiser 135 points

Renown-class battlecruiser (Group 2) 360 points
Revenge-class battleship 375 points
Queen Elizabeth-class battleship (Group 1) 375 points
Renown-class battlecruiser (Group 1) 370 points
Hood-class battlecruiser 400 points
Queen Elizabeth-class battleship (Group 2) 380 points
Queen Elizabeth-class battleship (Group 3) 375 points
King George V-class battleship 600 points
Nelson-class battleship 600 points
Vanguard-class battleship 650 points
Lion-class battleship 900 points
G3-class battlecruiser 750 points
N3-class battleship 950 points

Other Vessels
Flower-class corvette 25 points
Loch-class frigate 50 points
Erebus-class monitor 110 points
Roberts-class monitor 120 points

Blackburn Roc fighter flight 5 points
Fairey Albacore bomber flight 10 points
Fairey Albacore torpedo bomber flight 10 points
Fairey Swordfish torpedo-bomber flight 10 points
Fairey Swordfish bomber flight 10 points
Fairey Fulmar fighter flight 15 points
Fairey Fulmar bomber flight 5 points
Blackburn Skua fighter flight 10 points
Blackburn Skua dive-bomber flight 15 points
Fairey Barracuda II dive-bomber flight 25 points
Fairey Barracuda II torpedo-bomber flight 15 points
Gloster Sea Gladiator fighter flight 10 points
Supermarine Walrus bomber flight 20 points
Bristol Beaufighter torpedo-bomber flight 15 points
Bristol Beaufighter bomber flight 10 points
Fairey Firefly fighter flight 20 points
Fairey Firefly bomber flight 15 points
Hawker Sea Hurricane fighter flight 20 points
Hawker Sea Hurricane bomber flight 15 points
Hawker Typhoon fighter flight 25 points
Hawker Typhoon bomber flight 25 points
Grumman Martlet fighter flight 20 points
Short Sunderland bomber flight ?? points
Supermarine Seafire fighter flight 25 points

Supermarine walrus observation flight 5 points

{Edit: I tweaked some battleships to bring them in line with the US}
{Edit 2: spotted a mistake on Southampton.}
British carriers carry a lot less planes that their US counterparts, son their points are much lower.
Without their planes small carriers are like cruisers with destroyers guns. No threat, but moderately easy to destroy. These are fairly easy to point - take a very weak light cruiser as a starting point and add planes. Original points for smaller US carrier seem to allow about 10 points for one flight. so this is what I have worked with.
Bigger carriers are like annoying big ships, that are of very little threat, but you just can't seem to wear down. These are harder to point as they have no similar examples, so its is just a case of scaling up smaller carriers and comparing & contrasting.

Just to add that 10 points a flight on carriers, can make carriers an attractive way to bring planes, but given that you still have to launch them, I think that is ok. But that may make smaller carriers too cheap.

Audacity-class escort carrier 50 points
Merchant Aircraft Carrier 40 points
Archer-class escort carrier 60 points
Activity-class escort carrier 60 points
Avenger-class escort carrier 60 points
Campania-class escort carrier 65 points
Attacker-class escort carrier 85 points
Vindex-class escort carrier 75 points
Ruler-class escort carrier 85 points
Argus-class fleet carrier ??
Hermes-class fleet carrier 95 points
Pretoria Castle-class escort carrier 75 points
Colossus-class light fleet aircraft carrier 130 points
Unicorn-class light fleet aircraft carrier 135 points
Eagle-class aircraft fleet carrier 110 points
Furious-class aircraft fleet carrier 160 points
Illustrious-class aircraft fleet carrier 180 points
Courageous-class aircraft fleet carrier 180 points
Indomitable-class aircraft fleet carrier 220 points
Ark Royal-class aircraft fleet carrier 250 points
Implacable-class aircraft fleet carrier 300 points
Audacious-class fleet aircraft carrier 300 points
Malta-class aircraft fleet carrier 325 points

I assume the Argus should have some weapons of some kind.