Japanese points

Greg Smith

My best estimate for Japanese points, based on my previous estimates and several games that included Type 93 torpedoes. This does not factor in the Long Lance rule, which makes Japanese ships with type 93s even more effective (that's 4 out of 6 destroyers and more than half of the cruisers). I haven't tried Kamikaze aircraft at all, so until I've had a game or two, I'm not going to guess at points.

Akizuki-class destroyer 60 points
Fubuki-class destroyer 50 points
Matsu-class destroyer escort 55 points
Shiratsuyu-class destroyer 95 points
Kagero-class destroyer 100 points
Shimakaze-class destroyer 100 points

Tenryu-class light cruiser 50 points
Yubari-class light cruiser 55 points
Agano-class light cruiser 110 Points
Aoba-class heavy cruiser 225 points
Furutaka-class heavy cruiser 225 points
Kuma-class light cruiser 60 points
Nagara-class light cruiser 70 points
Oyodo-class light cruiser 80 points
Sendai-class light cruiser 80 points
Kitakami-class torpedo cruiser 200 points
Myoko-class heavy cruiser 275 points
Mogami-class heavy cruiser 280 points
Takao-class heavy cruiser 270 points
Tone-class heavy cruiser 250 points

Chitose-class light carrier 110 points
Hosho-class light carrier 90 points
Zuiho-class light carrier 110 points
Hiryu-class aircraft carrier 230 points
Junyo-class aircraft carrier 200 points
Ryuho-class light carrier 110 points
Ryujo-class light carrier 140 points
Shokaku-class aircraft carrier 275 points
Soryu-class aircraft carrier 230 points
Taiho-class aircraft carrier 280 points
Akagi-class aircraft carrier 250 points
Ise-class hybrid battleship/aircraft carrier 350 points
Kaga-class aircraft carrier 375 points
Shinano-class support carrier 220 points

Fuso-class battleship 370 points
Ise-class battleship 370 points
Kongo-class battlecruiser 375 points
Nagato-class battleship 725 points

And the big one....

Yamato-class battleship 1000 points

Aichi E16A Paul dive-bomber flight 15 points
Kawanishi H82K Emily bomber flight 20 points
Kawanishi H82K Emily torpedo-bomber flight 20 points
Mitsubushi F1M Pete observation flight 5 points
Yokosuka B4Y1 Jean bomber flight 5 points
Yokosuka B4Y1 Jean torpedo-bomber flight 10 points
Nakajima B6N Jill bomber flight 15 points
Nakajima B6N Jill torpedo-bomber flight 20 points
Yokosuka D4Y2 Judy kamikaze flight * points
Aichi D3A Val dive-bomber flight 10 points
Mitsubishi A5M4 Claude fighter flight 5 points
Nakajima B5N Kate bomber flight 15 points
Nakajima B5N Kate torpedo-bomber flight 15 points
Mitsubishi A6M Zero kamikaze flight * points
Nakajima Ki-115 Tōka kamikaze flight * points
Mitsubishi G4M Betty bomber 10 points
Mitsubishi G4M Betty torpedo-bomber flight 10 points
Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter flight 20/25 points
Yokosuka D4Y2 Judy dive-bomber flight 20 points
Yokosuka MXY-7 Okha kamikaze flight * points
Kawanishi N1K1-J George fighter flight 30 points
Kamikaze points

Yokosuka D4Y2 Judy kamikaze flight 20 points
Mitsubishi A6M Zero kamikaze flight 20 points
Nakajima Ki-115 Tōka kamikaze flight 25 points
Yokosuka MXY-7 Okha kamikaze flight 30 points

I think the rule about the modified Betty needs removing. I envisage it like this: turn 1. Okha flights move away from the Betty. Turn 2-3 Betty flights mill about near the edge of the battlefield. Turn 3, player removes Betty flights from the table because the miniatures keep getting knocked on the floor. They are useless and serve no purpose in the game.