Rounding Fractions in Conan Atlantean Edition


Hello peeps,

Quick question. I cannot find anywhere in the Atlantean Edition that talks about how to round fractional damage or modifiers.

I understand in 3.5 D&D it is always round DOWN. This not being D&D I am curious would +13.5 be rounded to +14 in Conan or does it follow normal D&D rules of rounding?

Typically with any OGL game, in absense of a rule go with the d20 SRD version unless overridden in the text.

Thats probably the only problem I have with SRD-derived games, that it's so easy to write one and forget to put in a rule that may seem "obvious" if you have the D&D rulebook that the occasional rule or clarification that is important to a standalone product can get overlooked.

Of course, if you want to house rule either way, it's up to you :)
Ìn my games I always round fractions down... Except when the AP>DR, then when I subtract half the DR from the damage I round up.