Hello all,

Anyone know where I can find a review detailing the differences between the new and old editions? Thanks!

1st Edition: Was a bit more rules-heavy than the other editions. But perfect.
2nd Edition: Considered by most to be the pinnacle of Paranoia. Cut the fat from 1st Edition, was just as tasty. More perfect.
5th Edition. 5th Edition was considered awful. In fact, 5th Edition was [DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS]

Paranoia XP. Introduced Straight style (dark satire, rather than the frenzied Zap! games of 5th Edition or the Classic 2nd Edition style). Created with lotsa lotsa input from the Paranoia playing community (of which I have the honor of being a member).

For more information, surf on over to Paranoia-Live and ask the good citizens there.

Hmm, 2nd Edition was Classic, and really really good. And the edition after was yucky. Seems to me that those could be applied to other games, one involving an ampersand and two "D"s...but that's neither here nor there. :twisted: [/url]