recommend supplments after the core rulebook?

toothill man

Raven Blackwell said:
Of the titles I have

Necessary Titles to get:
Road of Kings
Pirate Isles
Scrolls of Skelos
Hyboria's Fiercest

Optional Titles:
Free Companies
Across the Black River

Useful to some but find morally destestible myself:

would say free companys was a necessary title too and across thunder river 8)


Thunder River, deffinitely, if you plan to use Picts - and who doesn't.

Free companies can wait. It's more to do with war parties and small armies.

Core, RoK, Fiercest, ATR, Scrolls and then Aquilonia, Black Kingdoms, Shadizar or whatever regional set fits you campaign best. But those five first, in that order, IMO.


With all the good advices I think the poor guy who asked the initial question must get the impression he has to buy nearly all books - and rightly so! :wink:


Yeah, I too agree. I love the new releases for this line more than any other game line. This is the one game where I eagerly look to see what else is released, and put my heart behind the company. (Well, I'll see if Pendragon, 5th ed. releases as great a product as Greg Stafford's earlier versions ). :eek:

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
Noone did suggest Messantia.
I don't have the boxed set but I suppose this item will be needed when the campaign box is released (the shadow of the sorcerer).

IMO the road of kings is essential because it sums up all the kingdoms. Pirate isles as well because it gives specific info on ships, the coast and naval battle.

The scrolls of skelos isn't that useful excepted if you want spells and magic items.

Then if you want to run a campaign in a specific location, you should of course acquire the regional book(s) in question.

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
BTW I would recommand the great Slaine campaign in 4 books (by Mongoose) if you plan to run an Cimmerian or Nordheimer campaign.

toothill man

the horned god campain is some of the best work Ian did for mongoose and he was the first creator of conan in fact slaine was a sort of dry run for conan and for anyone with a passion for celtic lore slaine is a must buy :wink: