Reavers of Vilayet


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Does anyone have any idea if this is still on schedule. My players are heading that way fast.
I have a copy and will be running it shortly.

It looks like a very well-written adventure, with several twists and turns. Even though it is only 32 pages it shall probably last for several gaming sessions.

- thulsa
more details please is it one adventure or a series of linked adventures like tales of the black kindom and what level of play

thank you in advance
Finally picked up "Reavers of the Vilayet" today along with Titos.

First thing I noticed was the online pic of the cover does not do Nathan Furman justice! I really like the cover and especially the colors . One of the best covers in the whole line, IMO. I also like the presentation - the slickness and the colored stock on the inside of each cover. Looks and feels like a higher quality than the Lurking Terror of Nahab. Was this a new format?

I took a quick glance through the adventure and it looks intriguing. Well written with lots going on with numerous possibilities. I really like the island stuff and may use (I was going to say utilize, Vincent :lol: ) it as part of an adventure I'm creating.

BTW, Nathan Furman has a Art thread at if you would like to see some more of his art:

If there is extra info about the Reavers and the layout of the Vilayet and it's islands and such, I would pick it up too. I could use something like that when we return to playing Conan in a few weeks.

Finally picked up "Reavers of the Vilayet" today along with Titos.

How is Tito's? I have heard mixed reactions. Is it any good too or is it just a reprint of stuff from other books?
Lord Jolly the Scribe said:
If there is extra info about the Reavers and the layout of the Vilayet and it's islands and such, I would pick it up too.

There isn't really any of that, just the specific adventure location.

- thulsa
I ran it this past weekend, went well, though some things didn't really make sense and I significantly modified a number of things, as noted below. In the end, the "skeleton" of the adventure was enough for me to work with well and run a good adventure, but there are some genre issues as well as things that weren't really thought through, as noted below.


A few things I changed or were issues:
1. The town that is rebuilding itself - I scaled the "magic" of this way back, such that the PCs noticed the scraping sounds of stone on stone and caught glimpses of movement out of the corner of their eye, but couldn't observe anything directly, make it more spooky and less outright magically appearing.
2. The ghost - I dialed this back as well, made a shimmering apparition appear, and hauntingly called out a warning to the PCs about stopping the rise of the horror, instead of some sitdown conversation with a ghost.
3. The battle for the horror - This was not really thought out well in the module. The module expects more than 1 brother might show up, but only really describes what happens if 1 shows up - Zuleyeh appears, embraces him, and enters him, but what happens when more show up?! Plus, the time involved with ritual to determine the controller or split makes no sense, as during that time, PCs are likely to be fighting. Alternatively, if the brothers arrive with significant forces and/or with the PCs captive, then they will realize they can't stick around and fight and should just flee (which is what my PCs did). Finally, the amulet of shifting skies really seems pointless - so what if the PCs find it and keep it from the ceremony? The horror will still enter one or more of the brothers and make them crueler (even if the brothers dominate), so the PCs actions to keep away the amulet would be pointless.
Thanks for the comments. I'm a sucker for a good pirate adventure, so I picked this up a while back but haven't had a chance to read it through yet.

Good suggestions!