Real-world testing?


As a matter of fact, I did hit people with the tuba. I was known throughout the Hyborean Marching Band Age as

"Gonad the Sousaphoniast"


Man, I have *got* to get some sleep.
I'm the NHB/MMA fighter. Wesley "Lobo" Gassaway. 2x International Fighting Championship (IFC) titles. One World Cup. I agree with your first tier titles and would add Vale Tudo and Pancrase (Ken and Frank Shamrock, Bas Ruttan, Igor Zinovia. Shidokan (my brother Brian has won this) and Superbrawl would get a honorable mention. I consider IFC honorable mention tier even though a lot of UFC fighter have fought there. I was ranked above Frank Shamrock and Igor Vorchanchin after my second title. This was in early 1997.

Anyways I have been a Conan fan since I was 13. I KNOW Conan would be a MMA fighter.


I have a dream for a group that would do fantasy "reenactments" based on the Hyborian World and the stories from REH. The sword combat would include ideas from other groups, but have it's own system. We would also take long hikes in constume and camp out. Other adventures depend on the imagination and heart of the adventurers assembled...

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Heh I have heard of you. And I agree IFC is certainly honorable mention at the least and has produced several fighters who have seen success in shows like the UFC. At one time Extreme Challenge was also very close, I dont know what level of competition they have now but I know 4-5 years ago they had a TON of talent in most of their shows. If I remember correctly you fought for Monte quite a few times there as well.

Hell I am also surprised you were not BSing, pleasantly surprised. I dont keep up with the IFC as much as I once did either, Do you still fight? My understanding is getting into the upper tier shows (especially the UFC) takes a manager who can work miracles or who has an "in".
Heh I have heard of you.
If I remember correctly you fought for Monte quite a few times there as well.
I didn't fight for him but I think my brother may have.

I can give advice about "the fight game" if you need it. My email is

Back to Conan

Most people are under the mistaken impression that the martial arts started in the Orient. Pancration which may be the oldest MA started in Greece (the West). Conan's fighting descriptions sound like a trained fighter, not just a brawling barbarian (see The God in the Bowl). I know REH wouldn't consider Conan a MA but the combat descriptions indicate otherwise.

I guess my point is that martial arts is not what people think. Martial = war, therefore martial arts deals with ALL war arts (boxing, wrestling, horsemanship, archery, mass combat tactics and strategy, etc.); not just karate or kung fu.

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The problem is that the term Martial Arts is now synonymous with the oriental fighting techniques, to the point where language has changed. No going back, I'm afraid... :(


Sorry about the mix up, I just remember the last name wasnt sure if it was you or your brother. As for the fight game, I think You will have an Email on the way, Timing though, just as I had my game tight I settle down, get engaged and have a Good ole company man type job, And living here on the South east coast is a no mans land for well run shows.

As for Conan He is the very epitome of NHB, and the no holds barred is taken to the Nth degree. Agreed on the term Martial arts, people still to this day seem confused as to reality and marketability. 10 years ago I would never have thought TKD would still be packing the house the way it does even now. I guess what the American general public does not know is what makes them the American general public.

PS saying I got my game tight IN NO WAY implies I was ready to compete in the UFC, but I did feel ready for prelim level fights in something like King of the Cage or another national level show.