Random Houserules


Alright, I am going through the rulebook and thinking of all the neat things I can change.....

Some random thoughts:

1. Allow characters to both dodge and parry the same attack, if he has enough reactions left. I like this houserule because otherwise it looks like for the same character faced with the same attack mode, either he will always dodge or always parry, assuming he understands which is the better option. By allowing both, then the character will first try to dodge, and then to parry. This will make for more varied fights.

2. A character forced to Give Ground only has to move back 2 meters, regardless of his movement. I thought about factoring Size into the equation, but why make the rules more complicated?

3. A character forced to Give Ground over a hazard such as a fire or a cliff must make a new Dodge roll to avoid being forced over the hazard. If there is a free space he can move into, he gets a +30% bonus to this roll. If desired, the character may substitute Acrobatics for Dodge.