Question: Akhlat


About the 'Road of Kings' accessory:

On page 115 (Shem map), we can see the (formely cursed) city of Akhlat, S-W of Kuthchemes.

As far as I know, that's the real location (as per the novel).

My problem is that on page 131 (Turan map), there is also a city of Akhlat, just S-W of Shahpur.

Mistake? Twin city?

Given the two maps supposedly are complementary and do not overlap, I am a bit confused :?
I just found out that my home town of Hamilton, apart from also being an island off the coast of Queensland (which I already knew) is also the capital of some Pacifc nation. And I've spotted other Hamiltons here and there throughout the world.

There's a Portland just south of Hamilton, which is not the one in Oregon (or is it Washington? ... somewhere in the US, anyway).

Cities of the same name are not uncommon -- although there is normally a linguistic connection betweem the founders of these same-named locations.

Specific to Conan, there's Punt, and then there's Punt.

Or, it could be a typo. :)
I would say it's a typo. I don't recall any of the location in the Hyborian world being worded twice.