Question about developing a PCGen dataset for Conan.

I was wondreing what it would take, in regards to gaining necessary permission from Mongoose, to be able to develop a dataset for PCGen to be able to generate characters for Conan.

I'm very interested because I would like to see a dataset developed. And I am on the PCGen development list.
Please note that I'm talking hypothetically here, and have nothing to do with anything and therefore my opinion counts for nothing more than advice and supposition. :)

You may possibly run into problems with Conan being a licensed IP. I can only guess at the terms of the license, but would be surprised if Mongoose have the ability to give permission officially to anyone outside of their organisation to use the Conan name. The most I'd expect you could get is permission to send the dataset to Mongoose for hosting on their site, as including it in the open-source PCGen itself would be tantamount to sublicensing the use of the Conan name to an external party.

At a guess...
I brought the issue up on the PCGen mailing list. The only thing anyone could come up with was to ask.

Then there is the fact that the Conan rulebook and its sourcebooks are listed as being OGL. The licensing and the issue of some of the character generation material not being included as Open Content is an issue that definately brought up concern.

So the only solution to the entire issue was to come here and ask. Get clarifacation on what could be done. If anything.