Purchasing advice


Under pure SFoS the Minbari had no trouble competing at Skirmish 5 and above.

Under Tournament they had no trouble at Raid 5 and above.

Under Armaggedon I am expecting that they will be able to handle skirmish 5 again, depending on the scenario.

In all cases they could fight below those levels but were down below a 50-50 chance, with Patrol of less than 6 being the painful level. The issue was not that they were geared toward higher level games, it was that they were very all or nothing. They depended on stealth to make them more than equal to their pl and when it failed they suffered (only somewhat under SFoS). When it worked you wondered why you had driven out out play at all.

Under Arm. you still will have that all or nothing feel, but like was said above it will be less of the nothing. How much less remains to be seen.


Iain McGhee

Assuming that your potential opponents have at least a passing knowledge of Babylon 5 I'd suggest the following:

Third Age Earth Alliance boxset: Most recognisable ships, good all-round fleet.

Centauri and Narn boxsets: Again, very recognisable designs and both these and the EA fleets match up well together.

You'd have to get some singles to round out the boxed sets as they're not all equal in points (as you'll have noticed from the fleet analysis).

I'd stay clear of the older races (Shadows, Vorlons and Minbari) as they are too hard to deal with for inexperienced players. If you don't already have it, I'd also get the SFOS rulebook (expanded lists, advanced rules and expanded campaign rules) at some point.