Probably parroting again...


But does anyone else want to see a Priest class for Magnamund? Has it been mentioned yet (I don't recall seeing a request)?
I mean, religion is handled a bit differently within the world of Lone Wolf/Grey Star, and 3.5 clerics don't cut it IMO....
I do monitor extensively those boards and you're the first to bring up the subject. So no parotting here (remember I'm the parrot around here!).
But as I'm an hippy ecologist (well almost), I'll stick to druids who were ever abundant in Magnamund, especially evil ones.

One of my players have never liked the way deities/clerics are handled in D&D, so he'll be happy to hear they will be few and far between in my LW game.
To be honest, priests in magamund are definately not magikal Thus, the expert class should do well. I would really really vote against any suggestion to present a dnd style 'cleric' with plethora's of heal spells, and turning spells.

Undead in magamund are the most dangerous of abominations, especially since not only are they immune to psychic combat, there is no method of turning them, save the one grey star uses in books 2 (pentacle, elder art of evocation).