Well, its exactly one month to go before Magic of Magnamund is released to the masses! If possible, a preview would be great, especially with the halloween atmosphere ((can any one say cenerese)). We're not asking for an entire class, just a few teasers showing of parts of a class or two, some of the new monsters, and one or two item/flavor text.

Oh and btw, apol's if the topic made people think this was a post letting them know there was a preview out... :shock: :twisted:
MEGA-SNIF!!! :cry:

It's a pity... no other LW supplements is announced after Magic of Magnamund... December = nothing, January = nothing, February = nothing...
How can we live without knowing what will be the next books? :cry:
Don't despair, MoM isn't even out yet! The next book will be announced or not depending on the success or the failure of MoM, I believe.

I'm not too worried, LW has a pretty loyal following and MoM should be another bestseller for Mongoose, especially with the promise of all those new classes (Vakeros, Shianti, Cenerese, etc.)
redlaco said:
Yes, and don't forget the minis that are coming in a few days, they have to count for something. 8)

HAHAHA! :lol:

Of course redlaco! You are right! :wink:
The following teaser was posted by Mongoose August and Mongoose Ian over on the tower of the sun boards a few weeks ago. ((LWRPG fans might want to add that site to their favorites, as it is dedicated to the rpg, while project aon is dedicated to the books. And ofcourse, come here on these forums as well.)) Just in case anyone here does not know of this,

Magic of Magnamund Classes:

Cener Druid
Kundi Mystic
Sage of Lyris
Shadakine Wytch

The following is also confirmed by the gooses:

-there will be 2 advanced classes in addition to the core classes mentioned above

-The cenerese and the shadkyne wytch will have necromancy powers.

[[Xex ((my opinion)) personally thinks its safe to assume the shianti will have necromancy abilities as well, though he will not be able to use them without going against shianti law. ((thus becoming hunted))]]I also think the cenerese will be classic necromancers, with spells of disease, and necromancy.

-Shianti Sorcerors and shadakyne wytches have the most insane bmd's in the book.
Correct. visit for more information!

According to the general board, the ppl who went to the open day were able to purchase a copy of magic of magnamund! :x Grrr!!!

It is now your civic duty to write a smallish review to those of us not able to attend. Some new details on the classes would be great! Also, some details on the lonewolf module run by August, among which Joe Dever was a player if I understand, would be nice as well. :)
I picked up my copy of MoM at my local store yesterday. They said they received it last Friday, so technically it was available even before the Open Day! :shock:
Please Please Please!! Someone with the book tell me about the Shianti Sorcerer and the Sage Of Lyris. It will be at least two weeks before my FLGS has the book and I am just dying to know.

Thanks In Advance!
You might like to go check out the Tower of the Sun forums, there's a discussion of the book over there.

The Sage of Lyris is the most page-consuming class, spreading on 19 pages altogether!
You can also order it online via noblenknights, or the mongoose website. They both have it in stock. I have ordered mine, and its on the way!