Pre painted models


Now I know the idea may be popular with some of you, however I'd just like to say that I enjoy modelling and painting figures, and consider this the other half of my hobby. So for me the idea of pre-painted figures is not appealing.

There is another point to be considered. if everyone is buying their ships pre-painted, then every fleet will look identical, which will lessen the spectacle at events. I'm sure most of you have enjoyed the pleasure of looking over a mate's newly painted fleet, or seeing some strangers spectacular conversion. That will be lessened by the pre painted figures.

So, and this is just my opinion, please don't go down the route of pre-painted figures Mongoose.

If you do, then at least keep the unpainted figures available for those of us who prefer their figures in their natural state.
can always repaint them anyway, but for some of us with less time prepainted models works for me. you dont even have to repaint the entire thing, just add your own little quircks and details on.
I'm actually in favour of pre-painted miniatures as it allows more painted fleets on the table and encourages some people to play who wouldn't have otherwise done so.

This is all with the proviso that the painting is not standard for miniatures being sold (i.e. you can buy unpainted miniatures too). I still love my painting and so do many others and I wouldn't change this hugely creative aspect of the hobby at all.
@katadder; repainting them looses some of the detail, unless you strip the paint off first to get to the bare metal.

Best option then: release the pre-painted figures at the current prices for those who don't have the time/talent/patience to paint their own, and sell the unpainted figures at a discout, that works for me!
I will be making an ISA fleet and these pictures are just a little disapointing:

White Star carrier:
White Star Gunship:

Honestly, I am thinking of making my own version of the Gunship and calling it the "Shooting Star".
Oh, thoooooooose pics.

How do I say this politely?
I wouldn't buy minis painted like that.
But then, I'm not a fan of pre-painted figures anyway, so that's no surprise.

Cheers Calistan
Nightmares about Minbari said:
Oh, thoooooooose pics.

How do I say this politely?
I wouldn't buy minis painted like that.
But then, I'm not a fan of pre-painted figures anyway, so that's no surprise.

Cheers Calistan

The regular whitestar mini pic looks way better then either the pics of the gunship and the carrier, I think they should have made a gunship and a carrier but not based on the whitestar design.
Actually I rather like the designs on these two ships, and think that they wouldn't have attracted the critisism that they did if they had been given different/better paint jobs.

They are obviously from the same design school as the Whitestar, but modified to serve a different purpose.

But this brings me back to my original point about pre-painted minis, the chances that whoever is painting the figures will do them in a style that you like is rather slim. Would anyone pay for figures painted in a style they didn't like?
Well actually as has been pointed out, models need to be stripped bare for maximum effect of detail.

But hei again the new ships have nearly no detail, so there is little to lose, BUT the old ones, please the option of unpainted has to exist.

Lack of detail, yes check out the gun ports of the WS-C vs. the WS; one has simple tubes the other doesnt, guess which is which.
At the open day there was a bloke, I think it was Reaverman, who took a picture of the WS carrier from the front, standing in a mini cabinet. It looked waaaaaaaaay better then on the `official` pictures imho.

So with all respect to who took the picture, here it is again as i can`t seem to find it immediatly in the fora...


The carrier looks `fatter` then on the website here, giving it more carrier feel then little expanded WS
Those look like some fairly big models... they must weigh a fair bit if they're solid metal casts :shock:

Oh well, at least we'll get fit carrying our fleets around!