Post your characters here!!!

Don Allen

I would like to see some of the characters you have made with the new Runequest. It would be great to be able to have some more examples (rather than just "Ted's" character in the book). They would also be nice to use as NPCs or Pregens in our games too.
these are some I've rolled up using my Leshan rules:

My dice were unusually kind on this guy. . .

Brother Byron McClellan - Imperial Rural Poor / Acolyte - Church of Light [seasoned character]
Str: 17 Actions: 3 Damage Mod: +1d4 Magic Points: 14
Con: 15 Movement: 4m Strike Rank Modifier: 18
Dex: 18 Armor/Hit Points:
Siz: 18 Head: --/7
Int: 17 R. Arm: ---/6 Chest: ---/9 L. Arm: --- / 6
Pow: 14 Abdomen: ---/8
Cha: 13 R. Leg: ---/7 L. Leg: ---/7

Quarterstaff (70%) 1d8+1d4 Enc: 2 AP/HP: 3/8
Knife (35%) 1d3+1d4 Enc: --- AP/HP: 4/4

Skills: Acrobatics 14 / Athletics 40 / Boating 27 / Dodge 10 / Drive 24 / Evaluate 17
First Aid 17 / Influence 38 / Lore: Animal 27 / Lore: Plant 27 / Lore: World 22 / Perception 41
Persistence 49 / Resilience 49 / Riding 32 / Sing 13 / Sleight 18 / Stealth 10 / Throwing 18
Unarmed 17 / Basic Close Combat 35 / 1h Axe 40 / Spear 40 / Staff 70
Advanced Skills: Language: Corycc 67 / Lore: Regional (Grais'li) 17 / Survival 31
Lore: Theology (Church of LIght) 79 / Healing 81

Holy Rituals: Blessed Light / Healing Light (I)

Gear: 24 Crowns, 2 sets sturdy but plain clothes, Wide Brimmed Hat, Quarterstaff,
Knife, Sturdy Sack, 3 days fresh food, Small Hut outside Grais'li, Acolytes Robes,
Pewter Holy Symbol
A little more average on the die rolls this time. . .

Rogier of Quarles Human Male age 24 Imperial Rural Middle Class / Mercenary Soldier
[seasoned character]
Str: 13 Actions: 3 Damage Mod: +1d2 Magic Points: 7
Con: 17 Movement: 4m Strike Rank Modifier: 14
Dex: 13 Armor/Hit Points: (-10% armor penalty)
Siz: 16 Head: 2/7
Int: 14 R. Arm: ---/6 Chest: 2/9 L. Arm: --- / 6
Pow: 7 Abdomen: 2/8
Cha: 9 R. Leg: 1/7 L. Leg: 1/7

Skills listed are after taking the -10% penalty for the armor he wears
Battle Axe: 1h (66%) 1d8+1+1d2 Enc: 2 AP/HP: 3/8
2h (36%) 1d8+2+1d2
Unarmed (33%) 1d3+1d2
Knife (16%) 1d3+1d2 Enc: --- AP/HP: 4/4
Target Shield (66%) 1d6+1d2 Enc: 2 AP/HP: 8/12

Skills of Note:
Athletics 26 / Dodge 47 / First Aid 24 / Lore: Animal 24 / Lore: Plant 24 / Lore: World 24
Perception 21 / Persistence 17 / Resilence 31 / Riding 10 / Unarmed 33
Basic Close Combat 16 / 1h Axe 66 / Shield 66 / 2h Axe 36
Advanced Skills:
Language: Corycc 64 / Lore: Quarles 14 / Survival 21 / Engineering 14

Gear: 1100 Silver Crowns, 3 sets plain clothing, Wide Brim Hat, Boots, 1 set fancy (out of date) clothing, Knife, Battle Axe, Small Farm (8 acres), Target Shield, Club, Leather Trews, Heavy Leather Cap, Leather Hauberk, Backpack.
Byllan Harlson Imperial Urban Middle Class / Spellweaver (Elemental School)
(Seasoned Character)
Str: 10 Actions: 2 Damage Mod: +0 Magic Points: 14
Con: 9 Movement: 4m Strike Rank Mod: 14
Dex: 12 AP/HP: Legs: ---/5 Abdomen: ---/6 Chest: ---/7
Siz: 15 Arms: ---/4 Head: ---/5
Int: 15
Pow: 14 Weapon: Knife: 32% 1d3 AP/HP: 4/4
Cha: 13

Skills of Note: Drive 34 / Evaluate 30 / Influence 63 / Lore: World 30 / Perception 29
Persistence 49 / Resilience 23 / Basic Close Combat: 22 / Basic Ranged 12
Dagger 32 / Crossbow 22
Advanced Skills Language: Corycc 80 (Literate) / Lore: Port Croslyn 14
Streetwise 27 / Play Instrument 13 / Spellweaving: Elemental 79
Spellweaving: Black School 59 / Alchemy 49

Gear: 1 set plain clothes, wide brimmed hat, sandals, 2 sets 'nice' clothing, 1 set 'fancy' clothes, knife, townhouse
Money: 0 (Spent it on spells)

Spells Known:
Spellweaving - Common Spells:
Wickaflame / Armor (I)(II) / Detect Magical Aura / Open Lock / Quicken / Trudge

Spellweaving - Elemental
Fireknives (I)(II)(III) / Hoarfrost / Elemental Shield

Spellweaving - Black School
Winds of Discord / Frightful Countenance / Darkvision

Alchemical Castings
Know Chemical / Question Elemental
Out of curiosity... how did you create the stats for these characters? Did you just go down the line for the stats and roll the dice or roll and then assign the rolls to the stats you chose?
These guys I did a straight roll in order.

For our actual gameplay, I'm allowing players to roll the five and place as they wish and the two (int / Siz) and place as they wish.
I'm using Malakor's system of allowing players to rearrange identically rolled characteristics as desired is great for getting the kind of character you want. One catch might be a tendency for a lot of PC's in action based games to end up with a very low CHA! I'm going to keep the CHA roll separate and not allow players to reduce it by swapping (Increase it by all means!).
Another thing that stands out like a sore thumb is the huge importance of DEX in the game. Getting your mits on extra combat actions is going to be a big deal. I'm not going to go into fiddling with game mechanics to change this here but I will modify the characteristic swapping rules for DEX. You can only swap a characteristic for your DEX if you initially rolled under 13. The characteristic swapped must be the lowest of the alternatives you rolled that still comes in at or over 13. So if you rolled STR 16 and CON 13 you would have to swap your low DEX for the 13 rather than the 16. This gives any warrior a good chance of starting with 3 combat actions and avoids a proliferation of starter PCs training like crazy to raise their DEX's from 18 to 19!
Hmm. I'm kinda loathe to post some of the NPCs I've made because I'm running games in Domibia, the "Seraphim Guard in-house" fantasy world. In Domibia there are 54 unique gods, each of which have created their own unique race on Domibia. Thirty-something of these races are variations of humankind. These variations are differentiated by characteristic rolls.

For example, I'm currently running a game on an isolated continent populated by Orden who arrived via a shipwreck some 300 years ago and have built something of a society. The Orden are huge, barbaric human who value strength of arms more than anything else (think something along the lines of Ahnold as Conan). Orden STR and CON are both based on 4d6 instead of 3d6, and their size is based on 2d8+6 instead of 2d6+6.

Posting NPCs made with those rules would skew the rest, methinks. :)
I don't see the Dex thing as too big of a problem in my games. The chances of an 18 being rolled is pretty slim. If I decide to let the players switch their rolls around to different stats then I will let them put their highest into Dex if they want. It will still not be easy to raise that 18 to a 19 and it will require all 3 improvement rolls after each adventure just to try with only a 10% chance of doing it each time. And finally, once they are lucky enough to do it, they will probably be much less skilled then those who chose to increase skills with their improvement rolls.