Possible November Tournament?

I think someone said something about a possible 2 day tournament in November. I actually think a big 2 day tournament is a good idea. I just won’t be able to attend such an event myself. However, I would like to attend on the first day if that would be allowed? I don’t have a problem with getting zero points for the 2nd day, I would be coming for the experience, not for winning. As such rather than the Centauri beam team I bought last time, which I think was a little too strong, I fancy bringing my crappy Drazi fleet, I may not beat anything but should have a lot of fun.

Challenge Eddie Izzard (I mean Tank) to a rematch!

Do you think I would be able to do that, or would turning up for both days be essential?


Cpt Kremmen
There is a poll here to help decide which game to run a tourney of on Nov 11th:


There is a poll here to help decide the format of possible future ACTA tournaments.


However, I do not think they have a 2 day tourney planned for the 11th, plus a drop out after one day could cause organisational problems for a tournament.

yeah, if you beat people on day one, then aren't their on day two, your day two opponents win by default, which is harsh on those who played and lost!. I see no reason why you couldn't turn up and grab a few "friendlies" though