Playtest Mauler Rules in Ship Pack for 2018 April Fool's Ships


On April 1, Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. released four "April 1" ships in our shop on Shapeways. These are the Gorn Bubble Dreadnought, Kzinti Tri-Maran, Tholian "Crown of Tholia" Hexagonal Battleship, and WYN Heavy Auxiliary Mauler. People started asking for the information to play the ships. This ship pack is the answer.

In this pack are the ship descriptions and history, as well as information for games. You will find A Call to Arms: Star Fleet ship cards, Star Fleet Battles SSDs in both color and B&W along with the Master Ship Chart for the ships, Federation Commander ship cards in both fleet scale and squadron scale, Star Fleet Starmada Unity cards, Star Fleet Battle Force card images, and the Federation & Empire Ship Information Table. We included half-inch and one-inch counter images for Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and Federation & Empire. Playtest mauler rules are provided for Federation Commander, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Federation Commander, and Star Fleet Starmada.

April Fool's Day Ship Pack 2018 is available online from these vendors:

Warehouse 23:

DriveThru RPG:

Wargame Vault:

Don't forget to check out the ships in our shop on Shapeways: