Playing Legend on-line?

I've had enough of Roll20/Foundry and so on and I'm going back to Maptools which has all the features, and then some, of the paid platforms without the cost; coupled with Discord for voice/video it will do me.

I'm currently working on an Elric of Melnibone campaign that I'll be running in the new year. It will be a fairly simple one with Maptools doing the heavy lifting for character generation (characteristics, attributes and background), and simple macros for skills and damage. It won't have a full blown character sheet, players will need to manage that aspect however they prefer, though I am setting up simple a Google Sheets doc for my group(s). I will post the .cmpgn file in the forum when done (after checking with Matt that it's OK to post, it will contain the Elric background tables copied from the book which may violate copyright).
Mythic Table is also pretty easy to use, free and while basic atm they are slowly upgrading it.